Open shamanic journey class March 29th ONLINE

On Sunday, March 29nd, from 2pm to 4pm,
there will be an Open-to-All journey class!

Join me for the next Open Journey class of 2020 located ONLINE via ZOOM CONFERENCE LINK!  This group is open to anyone who has interest in learning how to work with the Spirits for personal growth, self-healing, and connection with the Otherworlds. Beginners to experienced Journeyers are welcome!

Our topic changes each month to allow for inspiration via the spirits, planetary movements/pressures, world events, etc. The topic for Sunday March 29th will include SPIRITUAL SURVIVAL METHODS DURING PANDEMIC/WAR TIME!

Our workshop is set up as follows:
Payment, attendance, introductions, announcements (ZOOM link and password will be sent to paid attendees, including the recording afterwards!)Small lecture on the philosophy, occult technology, and background information of the monthly topicShort restroom breakPreparation/explanation of the journeyDrumming meditation & sharing of storiesThank yous to the Spirits…

Spring Equinox healing ceremony

Welcome to you all! Here is the recording of the most recent shamanic online healing ceremony! This ceremony is in honor of the Spring Equinox. In some Druid traditions, this holy day marked the time in which all sacred waters were refreshed for the year. With coronavirsu/COVID-19 pandemic surrounding our planet, Manannan mac Lir himself assisted us with healing and releasing some of our overwhelming fear & panic. Hail the Gods!

Free online shamanic healing ceremony March 20th

On Friday, March 20th, at 7pmMonika Healing Coyote will be facilitating an
Online Shamanic Healing Ceremony via FB Live.

This Druid shamanic healing ceremony will honor Manannan mac Lir, Celtic deity of the Oceans & the Isle of Man. The Spring Equinox is a traditional time for the Druids to renew the waters of their Sacred Wells. Come and join in a healing ceremony in which we renew, replenish, and refill our own inner waters of health!

This event is open to everyone, and all you need is a WiFi- or data-enabled device in which to stream the audio/video feed. To ensure that you receive updates and instructions, please mark yourself as "Going" on this event!

For those who have not participated in a FB Live event before, the steps are as follows: Go to "Monika Healing Coyote Shamanism" and ensure that you have "Liked" my Page.On Friday evening, prepare yourself to participate in your own healing & power/energy retrieval. Whatever you need to do to feel …

Help during COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic panic/trauma

Many folks are sharing really great science for dealing with the physical practicalities of a pandemic, a national emergency, a major financial crisis, etc. Witnessing and guiding community members to come together to support those that are struggling is a big part of my Work right now.
However, I am not yet seeing posts, articles, or memes describing the intense toll this high level of panic and anxiety can cause. The human race (all nations) is dealing with a massive catalyst to our Flight/Fight/Freeze systems, and many folks have not created the coping skills to deal with this level of Fear before.
We are reeling from a massive blow to our Illusion of Control.
Psychologically and spiritually, we are trying to carry the great weight of numerous potential catastrophes, and how to plan for them. "Hope for the best, but plan for the worst" is the mantra for so many right now.
Prayer, magic, faith, and trust are guiding forces within many religions throughout the world. Facing s…

Springtime blessings

March blessings to you, dear reader!

What a difficult 2020 it's been so far here at the Crow's Nest, oof. As I come in to a year full of anniversaries (10th year working for the public, 8th year teaching for the public, and 6th year of full-time shamanism & Druidry!), I am also crossing over into some physical health thresholds. Perimenopause and hormonal changes, food sensitivity changes (goodbye dairy), and unexpected hearing issues. But, I've continued my work with aspiritual mentor, and it has been incredibly helpful in meeting these challenges, integrating them, and adjusting my before-and-after-care routines forhealing ceremonies! All healing modalities change the physical & energy bodies in different ways, and I am committed to my personal health and to yours as well.
As I navigate these interesting physical body shifts, I excitedly discovered that my shamanic practice has shifted in powerful and deep ways! New methods have come from the Helping Spirits, incl…

Imbolc shamanic healing ceremony video

As the Imbolc holiday month continues, I am seeing more individuals struggling with the effects of compounded trauma, fear-mongering by the media, and the betrayal by our government to protect its most disenfranchised peoples (those communities that shitty power dynamics & privilege "outed" a long, long, loooooooong time ago).
As we all search for the way forward through not only our personal Darkness, but the Collective Darkness, the omens that continue to arise surround the themes of COMMUNITY.

Many of us barely have the energy left to make time for renewing bonds with friends, neighbors, and local groups. It feels like a chore, like we are "bothering others," that we will never quite fit, never fully belong.
It is a lie.
It's the lie that exhaustion, depression, confusion, panic, anxiety, and the tendrils of collective despair tell us.
For 2019, Badb (of the three Morrígna) spoke Her Omen: ENDURE.
Many of us have tried, and done the best that we can. Many …

Imbolc Druid healing ceremony ONLINE

On Monday, February 3rd, at 7pm, Monika Healing Coyote will be facilitating an Online Shamanic Healing Ceremony via Facebook Live.

This Druid shamanic healing ceremony will help us to move out of the sluggishness of Winter, revitalize our energetic & physical bodies, and work with the Celtic goddess Brigid: patron of inspiration, creativity, healing waters, uplifting fires, and loving compassion (artwork by Rachel Santel, which you can find here).

As we continually work towards healing/preparing/adjusting for 2020 (and the preparation for a contentious Election Year), let us gather around Monika Coyote's fireplace, give offerings to the Spirits, and ask for healing for ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods, and our communities!

This event is open to everyone, and all you need is a WiFi- or data-enabled device in which to stream the audio/video feed.

For those who have not participated in a Facebook Live event before, the steps are as follows:

Go to "Monika Healing Coyote…