The magical technology of Goshuin 朱印 stamp books in Japanese Shinto practice

Within the Shinto religious practice, prayers and offerings between us and the Kami (spirits) are marked with special stamps (called Goshuin 朱印). Each temple has a different mark, different sacred calligraphy, and switches the artistry on a regular basis. It marks the date, the Japanese Era, the temple/shrine location, and the Kami spirit who received the offerings. Magically, these stamps honor the exchange between the person offering prayers/money/gifts to the Kami, and the Kami's hopeful agreement (within about a year) to answer the prayers. It is a wonderful way to stay in touch with the Spirits of Place when back home! (This particular stamp is from the Takeo Shrine dedicated to the 3,000 year old Camphor Tree near Takeo-cho in Saga, Kyushu Island, Japan.  (c) Monika Healing Coyote 2019

A Druid journeys to the Island of Kyushu, Japan

I had an amazing time studying some of the yokai and kami spirits withing Shintoism this trip! Stories will come soon, but here is the first of many, many pictures showcasing the incredible beauty of this Land!

Note: All images are photographed by Kristina Elyse Butke, and all copyright remains with her. Posted with expressed permission.

Akamizuhebiishi Shrine:

Upcoming May Events

Happy & loving greetings to you all,
Welcome to the blog article for the upcoming month of May, and the season of Beltaine! In this post is the most recent Earth Day online healing ceremony, a free & informal Plant Walk at Baltimore Herb Festival, and the next open shamanic journey class.

This past month of April was a very painful one for me, and one of the worst for my physical health. For the first time in my entire life, I have developed strong, constant allergies to many of my beloved trees. My allergy meds were completely unable to keep up with my inflammatory reactions, and my daily health suffered, my business suffered, my high level of energy/strength suffered, and my ability to socialize suffered. I had no idea that reduced breathing levels would have such a profound impact on EVERYTHING!I am most brokenhearted about my work with all of you; I've had to re-schedule numerous appointments, cancel workshops, sing through itchy throats and limited breath support, and p…

Earth Day Shamanic Druid Healing Ceremony

For those that missed the Earth Day healing on Facebook Live a few weeks ago, here is the recording at my YouTube Channel! You are welcome to watch this at any time, and the ceremony is set up so that the Spirits will join you while you view it:

(c) Monika Healing Coyote, 2019

Online Druid Earth Day Healing Ceremony coming soon!

On Monday, April 22nd, at 7:30pm, I will be facilitating an Online Shamanic Healing Ceremony via FB Live, in honor of Earth Day here in the United States.

There are an overwhelming number of blog articles, news stories, social media links, and educational materials that discuss all of the threats to our Earth Mother. Additionally, the animals, plants, insects, and spirits of place suffer under our inability to maintain "ghosti", the hospitable & "right-relationship" with all Beings who share this physical world with us.

Many of us try to help, through recycling, trash pick-up in parks, donations to non-profit agencies, researching our shopping products and making changes in diet to foster a more ethical relationship with our food sources. But it can feel like we are plugging up a broken dam with band-aids, and many are actively working against our healing of this world.

This Druid shamanic healing ceremony will help us to renew, refresh, and refocus. We will ask …

Healing Temple up and running!

It's been a little over a month since my giant move of home & business from Howard County down to Montgomery County, and I am excited to work with a new local community!

Continuing my #basementshaman tradition, I have created my Healing Temple on the ground floor of my new home. As in previous years, I have access to a wonderfully warm and bright fireplace, which helps not only in heating costs, but also in the removal of spiritual miasma and intrusive energies.

This new healing space is also blessed with both a doggy and a kitty as "healing support", so please let me know if you struggle with any animal allergies (depending on your severity, I can either complete a super-cleaning of the temple, or pack a Traveling Shaman bag and conduct ceremony in your own home).

I am back to full-time shamanic work, and have hosted two shamanic journey classes within the space already!

If you are interested in personal healing work, and are interested in having a ceremony within t…

March updates, Mercury Retrograde, a New Moon in Pisces, and Uranus in Taurus

Februaryhas come and gone, and many of us are looking forward to Spring with hope and determination. But first, we must endure this year's firstMercury Retrograde, ha ha ha ha!
During the weeks when Mercury is "on vacation"(5th through the 28th), we'll have the typical communication snafus, wonky technological equipment, minor misunderstandings between friends and colleges, etc. There is a rather large egregore of fear, frustration, anxiety, and self-doubt surrounding this period of time. However, I have found that retrograde energies help to support very deep, profound Shadow work during healing ceremonies. Issues and events from one's past can be evaluated in a different way, with a bit more healthy detachment from the pain & trauma of the memories.

Today also marks the New Moon in Pisces, and Uranus changing from Aries into Taurus. With all three major planetary events happening in such a short amount of time, it predicts the foundational energies for truly …