Soul Retrieval 3-day training workshop

Workshop from 10am Jan 18th, 2020 through 4pm Jan 20th, 2020
This workshop is open to any/all spiritual healers, leaders, and philosophers who not only have a solid background in active meditation techniques, but who wish to learn the deep, profound nature of the embodied Soul (human, animal, plant, land, etc).

These techniques were originally learned via Sandra Ingerman's lineage of teachings (2010 and again in 2013). After receiving & integrating these intensive lessons from the Spirits, Monika Healing Coyote has facilitated Soul Retrieval for the public community for 10 years. This will be the third round of teachings, and she adds educational aspects from Indo-European folk magic, Western Occultism, and Celtic Druidry. Additionally, she empowers this work with the strict ethical codes from her 16+ years in various health & human services fields (law enforcement, psychology, shamanism, and clergy).

In order to receive a certificate of completion, attendees must attend all…

Queering your spiritual and magickal practice

Happy 2020 to all LGBTQIAP+ Queer folx and their allies!
Workshop on Sunday, January 12, 2020, 2pm - 4:30pm
For the first magical/shamanic workshop of the new year, Monika Healing Coyote will be supporting the leadership and teachings of Annie Lynsen, acting High Priest of their Wiccan Coven (see BIO below for more details). This workshop was first presented at Frederick Pagan Pride Day, with high turnout from a wide range of people. Monika Healing Coyote is excited to start 2020 off by supporting as many magical and spiritual practitioners as possible (please send an email if you are interested supporting these works, too)!

For LGBTQIAP+ people, certain "traditional" aspects of various magickal practices may feel somewhat alienating. When spiritual groups and texts lean on myth cycles and ritual aspects focused on fertility and virility and use heteronormative symbolism, it becomes difficult for us to see ourselves in the magick. In this workshop, learn how myth cycles and ri…

Psychopomp: Shamanic Healing of the Dead

Psychopomp, Healer of the Dead Workshop on Sunday, Dec 29th, 2019
This 5-hr intensive workshop will discuss the role of the Psychopomp in different Indo-European, Greek, Ancient Egyptian, and North American cultures, and how interested folks can learn techniques to help the Honored Dead connect with loved ones after they have passed.

The lecture will also describe the 5 stages of Grief (Kuebler-Ross) for both the living and the dying/dead, the dangers/side effects of this magical work, partially-guided journeys in order to practice newly-acquired skills & techniques, and how to add this work to clergy counseling, death doula work, and other healing modalities.

The cost of this advanced-level training is $50, and I ask that all interested students check in with Monika Coyote, either via email ( or via Messenger to this business page.

Upcoming Advanced Shamanic Workshop

2019: Working as Co-Healers of our American Culture/microcosm & macrocosm
Workshop on Sunday, Dec 15th, 2019
Are you paralyzed by increasing financial responsibilities, catastrophic climate trauma, and limited healthcare? Are you enraged by fascism, the loss of bodily autonomy, and the reduction in personal sovereignty? Do you want to combine your skills with the techniques needed to protect your home, family, friends, and employment? Are you ready to perceive the long-term patterns of change in our country, and work with the Spirits in order to adapt?

Our Nation is in need, and this working group is designed to help Answer The Call from our Spirits.We will meet together to Journey to our Helping Spirits, to hear Their words, and to creatively work together to forge strong bonds of power and healing. We will also problem-solve ideas for preparing for drastic change, knowing that together we will ENDURE.

This working group is open to the public, but you must contact the facilitator, Mo…

Crystals, stones, and sacred rocks shamanic journey class

Join me for the next Open Journey class of 2019 ! This group is open to anyone who has interest in learning how to work with the Spirits for personal growth, self-healing, and connection with the Otherworlds. Beginners to experienced Journeyers are welcome!

Our topic changes each month to allow for inspiration via the spirits, planetary movements/pressures, world events, etc. The topic for November will be on working with Stones & Crystals for personal healing!

Our workshop is set up as follows:
Payment, attendance, introductions, announcementsSmall lecture on the philosophy, occult technology, and background information of the monthly topicShort restroom breakFirst journey meditation & sharing of storiesShort snack & restroom breakSecond journey meditation & sharing of storiesThank yous to the Spirits The cost is $30 (payable via cash, check, or PayPal at the time of class). It is helpful for folks to bring a journal, a bottle of water/tea/etc., and a small snack.


Shamanic workshop: Coyote's adventures in the Desert

This specialized shamanic journey class with center around our most beloved trickster, Coyote! Come learn a bit about their myths, evolution as a Spirit, work with humans in the Americas, and communicate directly with them in ritual journey space (cost = $30).

Our workshop is as follows:
Arrival, attendance, fee paymentLecture & backgroundBathroom breakSetting up of ritual spaceOfferings to Coyote themselvesJourney to communicate with Coyote within their desert environment: "Asking for help for finding what was lost, and leaving an offering for what is no longer needed."Sharing of stories (only if attendees feel comfortable)Thanking of Spirits, closing of ritualThe address will be provided to those that comment/email their interest, and as there is both a kitty and a doggy within the home, PLEASE let me know if you have any pet allergies, and I will do a mondo-cleaning!

Looking forward to it, aaaaooooooo!

Samhain Druid shamanic healing ceremony

Happy Samhain blessings to you all! Below is my most recent online shamanic healing ceremony, in which we work together to survive our FEARS:

"What Power do we give our Fears, and how does it hold our potential hostage?" -- Chani Nicholas, new Moon in Scorpio newsletter This online healing ceremony directly addresses our fears with techniques that help us to listen to our bodies, especially the Truth that has been trapped in our nervous systems (see Irene Lyon's trauma work for more info). Monika Healing Coyote facilitates a healing with the Spirits, overseen by the great goddess The Morrigan. Attendees are guided in a simple technique for listening to their body's Truth, and how to address overwhelming emotions that have been over-compartmentalized.

Copyrighted (c) 2019, Monika Healing Coyote (please email for questions/insights).