14 March, 2017

Beginner Shamanic Journey Class in Laurel, MD

Hello Journeyers, old and new!

The Facebook Event can be found here (c) Healing Coyote, 2017

This Sunday, there will be an Open Shamanic Journey group, located in central Maryland (for those that are interested in continuing studies, this group is held monthly, on either the 3rd or 4th Sunday). Monika Healing Coyote will facilitate two different guided Journeys, based on current events, astrological energies, personal growth prompts, and/or whatever ideas/techniques the Spirits put into her head!

March's class will be hosted by Neighborhood Acupuncture, in Laurel, MD. Doors will open at 1:30pm, class runs from 2pm to 4:30pm, and we will close shortly after that. The cost of this class is $30, payable at the time of attendance (either via PayPal, check, or cash). 

We will be holding class inside the clinic, in the back room. There will be plenty of parking, both on the street and in the parking lot behind the building.  As this is a location change from the previous announcement, our topic will change as well-- Problem-Solving with the Akashic Records.

There are plenty of chairs, but if you have a preferred cushion or mat that you enjoy using, you are welcome to bring it. Also, please bring a notebook and pen/pencil, in order to write down your perceptions and interactions in the Otherworlds. Our meeting time is roughly between lunch and dinner, but I have found that a small snack in between Journeys helps to ground and center oneself (bring that too, if you need it).

I will bring my Bear Drum and will be drumming for the class. As this is geared towards Beginner-to-Intermediate students, I ask that you keep your own drums & rattles at home (the compounded rhythms make it difficult for newer folks to focus on the meditation).

I look forward to working with all of you, and growing our community!

Additional Info: This is a monthly beginning-to-intermediate Shamanic Journey group, as well as a place for those that wish a dedicated time/space to interact with their Helping Spirits. The fee is $30, and you don't need prior experience in Journey Techniques in order to attend! I will provided direct instructions during both Journeys, to help newer folks. For those who have never Journeyed before, or interacted with Spirits, or have figured out a Helping Spirit to work with (animal, plant, deity, etc.), here are a few articles that may help:

14 February, 2017

A new Mythic Story, to bring hope & guidance

The world has changed so drastically in the past month, in very shocking and painful ways. I am still reeling from the magnitude of it, and the constant onslaught of fear, hatred, anxiety, depression, and pain within the States (It feels a bit disingenuous to call them "United States", because we are far from it...).

During the Soul Retrieval training last month, a student was gifted with an amazing story. A newly-formed myth, from beginning to end, came through in a Journey for him. It was incredible to witness, and reminded me of the importance of doing Sacred Work, and training others to be healers.

It will soon be part of a fantastic book, but here is the Myth (reproduced here with permission). I hope that it brings all readers a sense of wonder, magic, and healing in these dark times.

(from Public Domain)
The Hag Who Stole the Starlight
By Zac Lawhon (c) 2016 (all rights remain with him, DO NOT re-post without attribution!)

The water and the stars have loved each other for eons. This is why the stars are reflected on the water’s surface: the water reflects the light back up to the stars, so they can see the water dancing with them all night. In this way, the stars know their love, beamed down from the heavens, has been received.
Now, near the water is a forest, and living inside the forest there is a hag. Her skin is gray, she is hunched over, her eyes jaundiced on her walks along the side of the bay. Night after night, she has coveted the glittering reflections of the stars written on the water, noting that her own home was very dark. At long last, she discovered a secret. If she cupped her hand just a certain way, she could pull the starlight directly off the water’s surface. Night after night, she would go out in her boat and fish a few more from the bay, taking just a few in her pockets back to her home, until finally there were no more star reflections dancing on the water.
The night the last star was taken from the water, the fish bumbled into one another for a conference. “We have watched the Forest Hag take stars from the surface of the water for ages! Night after night, it’s gotten darker in here. It’s no longer safe for us to get home. We cannot dance in the water columns after the sun sets. We are more vulnerable to becoming prey.” They decided to send Mudskipper to her front door, to deliver their grievances.
Up Mudskipper sloshed, all the way to her door, where he tried to knock. Now, a fish knocking is a funny thing. You can imagine Mudskipper, wriggling his body close, and with his whole upper half— “fwap, fwap, fwap.” It was a small sound, but she opened the door. She had decorated all her walls with the starlight, the flowers and whorls glowing all around her, bathing her in shadow.
Intimidated though he was, Mudkip brought the Fish Nation’s grievances to the Forest Hag. Looking down with a sneer, she said to him, “now, I eat fish like you. What in the world makes you think I care for your tiny problems?” She slammed the door, refusing to listen to any more.
Now, around this time, the stars had noted that it had been ages since they had seen their light dancing upon the water. They wondered why she had stopped caring. Polaris, her main lover, came down from the sky to have a talk. “Water! Why have you stopped our dance? We miss you, we love you!” she said.
Water, feeling very lethargic and sad, responded. “The Forest Hag has stolen all the starlight. I have no more to make dance upon my waters. She took one, and then another— and I thought it was okay, I felt so bad for her. But now she has taken it all for herself.”
Polaris went to the Forest Hag’s house, and knocked on her door. The Forest Hag opened it, and Polaris saw that her beautiful walls were flickering in some places, and dimming in others. She said, “Forest Hag! Please return this starlight to the water. She has grown so depressed without it, and my family in the sky are worried she doesn’t love us anymore.”
The Forest Hag felt a pang of guilt looking on Polaris. But her home had been beautified so nicely by the starlight. “I feel the Star Nation’s pain,” she said, “I feel water’s pain. But I have worked too hard, way too hard, to give this back up. I have gathered this starlight all by myself, and I will keep it. That’s just the way it will be.” Forest Hag shut the door on Polaris. Polaris headed back to Water. “Water! She will not give it back! Will you please go talk to her and tell her of your pain?”
Water did not respond, but simply lapped against the shore. Polaris was heartbroken to be ignored. Upon returning to the star nation, she retold this tale, and one by one the stars went out, feeling the grief of having been ignored by one they loved so much.
It was at this point that Water reached desperately up to the sky. She formed herself into a cloud, but she couldn’t reach up to meet her lovers in the sky. She wasn’t close enough. She began to cry, and this is how rain was first created.
As she cried, Water began to rise. She rose all the way to the front door of the Forest Hag’s house, and there she knocked. Inside, the Forest Hag’s beautiful light display was flickering on and off, and weaker than it had ever been. She saw Water knocking, but this time, she was too afraid to answer. But water didn’t care.
Through every crack, she entered the home, gathering in pools around the Forest Hag’s feet. Her touch was gentle, and the scene was beautiful in the dim light. Some of the lights began to dance on the water’s surface again.
Looking down— there was nowhere else to look— the Forest Hag saw her reflection in the water as well. And she remembered that before she had taken the stars and sequestered herself inside the home, when she used to walk along the shore, Water would reflect her image back up to her, showing her the same love she had shown the stars. There was a time, before she became so envious of their relationship that she loved the water and the water loved her.
At this realization, the Forest Hag shattered into countless, glittering pieces, and all the light faded from her walls. The particles of her landed on the water, where they began to glow. Outside, it stopped raining, and Water began the trek back to her shores, starlight dancing on her waves once again.
As Water receded from the home, the form of a woman was left. Her skin was a ruddy, beautiful brown, her eyes were clear. A glow seemed to emanate from her heart as she stood up and went to her window. Now every evening since, The Forest Hag strolls along the shoreline of her bay, marveling as her reflection dances with the starlight and the waves.

We thank the Spirits for this story of Soul Theft and Remediation, and the reminder that when many have lost hope, healing can still be found!

19 January, 2017

House Clearing Report: a client's story of how things have changed

(Note: This client requested a House Clearing, to help with stagnant energy, and to help combat the large amount of "bad luck" that had followed the family ever since moving into the home. Here are the client's own words: some aspects have been changed, to protect the client's privacy/anonymity.)

"Dear Healing Coyote,

I'm writing to give you an update on our house and us.

We've taken down the mirrors, moved our bed, covered the basement doors' windows with white paper and picked up trash from the backyard as well as under the deck. 
With the tree being cut down, we went up there with some wine, an apple and a couple cookies.  I'd done some reading online about offerings, and we decided to break out the fire pit this past Sunday and have a fire in the backyard. 

I have to say... I'm a little freaked out with how good things are with us.  I've had more energy than I've had in years (at least 18 months, I'd say...) and things for me are just really DIFFERENT.  I have energy and motivation that takes me back to 6+ years ago...  For example, yesterday, I did a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen in the morning, went thru the bedroom dusting, cleaning, going through the nooks and crannies that have collected what the Berenstain Bears would call "messy build-up." Took out my night stand, vacuumed the room, put in a new night stand...Then after dinner I cleaned the kitchen.  I also took trash to the curb (a huge load of trash).  And Monday was similar in how busy it was--- going to Ikea, hitting the pharmacy and Lowes...  Even over the weekend I felt different...  

In recent times, just carrying the vacuum upstairs was enough of a 'task' to wipe me out for a while... just getting motivated to carry it would have been a struggle.  

I also got four small indoor plants for the master bedroom... which meant re-potting them.  I used to be a big gardener... and that's really, REALLY fallen off in the last 18 months. 
I know there are lots of factors-- [personal information regarding physical body healing written here, but removed for privacy]... but I dunno... the timing is really suspect... you know?  Oh and having my backlog of disability assistance finally approved is huge!

There's still more work to do and a big trip to Goodwill, but it's progress... the room is WAAAAY different-feeling, for the better now!"

Shamans rarely get a chance to hear follow-up stories from clients. We are catalysts that help push through positive change, and once someone is feeling better (or "more like him/herself"), s/he continues with his/her life. I give great thanks for this story, and for the Helping Spirits who have helped this house become a safe, loving home. 

Hail the Spirits!

05 January, 2017

Happy New Year to you!

(from Wiki Commons)
Happy amazing New Year 2017!!!!

Many of us felt that 2016 was a doozy of a year, filled with emotional upsets, painful realizations, and numerous WTF moments (on both the micro and macro levels).

This past Monday, I conducted my first online Healing Ceremony, via Facebook Live, and it has helped many folks release the last of the stagnant energy of 2016. If you are in need of a clean slate, and haven't had a chance to work on your own healing yet, please take some time to view my video and meditate on the ceremony.  It is free to all who view it, and I've set it up so the Helping Spirits can work with your energy at the time of viewing (whether you attended Live or via the recording).

If you are looking for more focused healing, as well as the addition of Soul Retrieval, then email me today, and we will schedule a time for deeper, more profound healing work for this new year.


27 December, 2016

Upcoming FREE Healing Ceremony, via Facebook Live

On January 2nd, 2017, at 12 noon (EST), I will be offering a public Healing Ceremony online, through Facebook's new "Live" feature!

Monika Healing Coyote, (c) JAE Images, 2015
(The Facebook Event listing can be found here)

All are welcome to attend, no matter what his/her religious or spiritual beliefs. I will sing different sacred songs, to honor the Helping Spirits, as well as divinely-inspired chants. Attendees are welcome to sit in meditation during the event, or watch on Facebook with any WiFi devices (I make rather funny faces when I sing, ha ha!).

Sometimes, spiritual healing ceremonies inspire creative problem-solving, as well as a clearing of blockages. Journaling can be an excellent way to process these moments of inspiration! However, if you notice some difficult imagery, or want additional insight/healing, you are welcome to email me for follow-up services (I will not be able to answer any questions during the ceremony).

Although I am offering this ceremony free to the online community, donations are happily accepted (but not required). If you have a PayPal account, then please use "lonelycoyote@healingcoyote.com" as the email address for donations.

I am excited to learn more about this forum for healing, and I hope & pray that I work out all my trouble-shooting issues soon!

Blessings to you for the new year,

Monika Healing Coyote

14 December, 2016

Finding hope in the darkness

(originally posted in Dec 2014, re-posted because Emotional Support = Love)

(from WikiCommons)
In the United States, December is filled with huge amounts of emotion, tension, stress, anxiety, hopes, fears,  and expectations (that are sometimes not filled). The focus is on the Holidays and Family, and that combination can bring past hurts and Soul Loss to the forefront. Everyone is trying to prepare for the "drama" of visiting relatives, many who are unable to see a person as anyone other that who s/he was as a child.

There is a huge divide between the expectation of love and acceptance from family/loved ones, and the reality of family patterns being replayed over and over again. Most of the time it is unconscious (no fault of any relative), but in some situations, relatives can be quite cruel if one does not "fit" into their notions of a "good daughter, son, cousin, wife, husband, mother, uncle, etc."  Psychologically and energetically, this is exhausting and secretly disappointing.

The Spirits have come through in a big way in each and every appointment, to help clients feel loved, cared for, protected, and above all, SAFE. All of us have wounds from childhood and beyond, that are part of Family Shadows. No matter how loving the family, or the relatives, there is always some sort of painful experience that has happened as a result of one not fulfilling certain expectations (and the hurt that comes from the resulting judgment).

Many people are preparing to travel for the holidays, to make the journey "home", and to renew the bonds of family, friendship, and love. The chakras most affected by these preparations are the Ancestral chakra, the Root chakra, and the Heart chakra. Any blockages, any intrusions, any "scar tissue", and any Soul Loss can appear to manifest more strongly, and immediately put a client in a position of weakness when working with these issues.

It can be difficult to remember everything that one has accomplished, and all of the growth and strides made, when one returns home. If you are struggling with these complicated feelings and a desire to be truly seen as you are, and not who you were, then Call Out to your own Helping Spirits (in prayer, out loud or in your head, or by offerings). They want to help, and they want everyone to feel Loved, even if those feelings are too complicated and disappointing to feel during the Holidays.

If you need help with releasing some of the scar tissue, and regaining your energy after the Holidays, then let's work together for Soul Retrieval and Emotional Release.

Remember: You are SO LOVED AND BLESSED by your Helping Spirits-- all you need to do is ask for their help!

And finally, for those who I've met, and for those I haven't: I love you. I love you through all of the pain and the heartache of this month. You are loved.

29 November, 2016

Replacing Fear with Wisdom (a Journey with Athena)

This month has been an emotionally painful one for many readers and clients. Election Day in the United States has forced the Shadow Side of the American public to center-stage, and it is ugly.

I've struggled with my own shock, disappointment, fear, and anxiety. I've also worked with many others, through healing and mentoring, that are stuck within these painful emotional states as well. No matter what the reasons for people voting the way that they did, there is a palpable sense of Fear, and a knowing that the USA has been profoundly changed by the results of Nov 8th.

As I've worked with clients (both old and new) for shamanic healing, one goddess has stepped forward repeatedly the past few weeks, Athena.

Isabella Rossellini as Athena in Hallmark Entertainment's The Odyssy (1997)
Although Athena is a Warrior goddess, I've noticed that her Wisdom and Healing aspects have been more present for me and my clients (different warrior goddesses have other strong aspects coming through). She has directed me to the profound Soul Loss that much of the country has experienced, and that healing, grounding, and centering are needed in order to continue to move forward. People are floundering under misinformation, shock, grief, hatred, trauma, and blame. Some are trying to focus their energies towards building more solid, loving communities, while others are moved to speak their Truth, using the mediums of social media.

I have continued to work with clients individually, in my small way, to help expand consciousness, ideas, and increase one's love of others (especially other humans). Athena inspired the most recent journeys during the monthly Beginner/Intermediate Shamanic Journey Group, and has permitted me to write about them for all to experience:

Major Theme: How can we ground & center ourselves when our world has been "rocked?"  How can we feel safe enough to journey/leave our bodies, when we don't even feel safe within our bodies?

  • First Journey: Ask your Helping Spirit for a dismemberment, in order to release as much malaise, fear, anxiety, etc. as possible. Once your Spirits have re-formed your energetic body, ask for a simple-yet-powerful technique for shielding, and follow with a discussion on how to bring the technique into the physical realm.
    • For example, a past client discovered that Water was the element that most easily cleansed her etheric bodies, and that Fire refilled her. However, she learned that a combination of Fire and Earth would bring those protections into the physical realm, and she was guided to wear Obsidian in her pockets (a volcanic stone).
  • Second Journey: Ask your Helping Spirit to introduce you to Athena, and gift her with Offerings (wine, olives, incense, etc). Listen to her wisdom, and ask her to help you retrieve any energy or essence that may be trapped over the Washington, D.C. area. Ask for her Divine Healing, to help you feel whole, healed, and ready for the future.
    • If you find that it is difficult to communicate with this deity, or that your focus/concentration is low, ask your Helping Spirit to "reset" your flight-or-flight response. This technique, called "Talking the Jaguar out of the Tree," can help ground & center you within your own body, so that you don't feel buffeted by the intense energies and emotions of the USA.
I encourage all readers to do this journey work, whether alone or with groups of friends. If you need help, or someone to drum for you/hold space, I am here, and I will not leave you alone. We need to strengthen our spiritual communities, and our ties with our Spirits, so that we can move forward into whatever future is coming.