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Musical Coyote!

A dear friend of mine gifted me with an image of Coyote as a musician. I love the emotion captured by the artist, and it inspires me to pick up my own flute when I need a dose of silliness.
It also reminds me that I need to create a Song of Healing.

Songs are used in shamanism for a variety of functions:
To increase blood flow through the body by strong inhales/exhales.To stop the shaman's Ego from getting in the way of the healing (it's hard to help another when all you are thinking about is how silly you might look in your outfit and whether or not the client is silently judging your cracking voice).To help focus the intent of the ceremony on healing. Singing can help shamans who become easily distracted-- "Oh look there's a cute squirrel outside!"To call in all the spirits who are willing to work with the shaman in healing the client.To help the client focus on the intent of the ceremony. Songs help the client's right-brain pay attention and even help calm…

Dreaming while awake

Back in October 2011, I was drawn to a book: Robert Moss' Conscious Dreaming. I had purchased the book in a used bookstore in Ohio over 12 years ago, and had never even opened it since then, until Samhain of 2011. (Random side note: there have been numerous times that impulsive little purchases will sit around on my shelves until the "perfect time" in the future (when they connect to a current life-experience). I used to think that it was a convenient excuse for large Barnes & Nobles bills, but now I'm not so sure...)
I began reading the book with the idea that exploring and documenting my dreams might help me with my shamanic work. I might be able to remember my visualizations better, or pay attention to a wider range of sensory information and details. Or, hope against hope, I may even dream a "True Dream," in which I sense information about the future.
I've been writing down my dreams every morning since October 2011, and I've learned the fol…

New year, new blog/website

My name is Lonely Coyote, and I am a Shaman. Well, an apprentice shaman, but I am just about done with my 2nd year of shamanism school, so that means I'm closer to being a shaman than getting my PhD in Particle Physics (although by that standard, everyone is a shaman)!

I've seen many things, and all of them in my head, and although I've filled many many notebooks and journals with my lessons, I think that by sharing stories of healing and laughter, others might benefit. Or at least spend some time reading funny stories.

So this site is sort of a New Year's resolution, sort of a personal homework assignment, and definitely a learning experience.

Join me as I learn things the hard way, so you don't have to!