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Making a House Blessing Fan

Back in January, our class learned about House Blessings and House Clearings.

Quick sideline: What's a House Clearing?
Close your eyes and think of all the buildings, apartments, houses, offices, etc. that you have visited in your life. Each place carries "energy" which can build up over time. If the energy matches the purpose of the building, then you feel a sense of comfort (i.e., a really great doctor's office will have wonderful healing vibes). If the energy no longer matches the purpose of the building, then anyone (spiritual or not) can perceive the discomfort (i.e., purchasing a house after retirement that used to house numerous young children, and you find it hard to "settle down" and peacefully relax or sleep). House Blessings are used to ritually welcome new owners to a building & its Spirits, while House Clearings are used to "reset" or "reboot" the energy of a building and/or change its purpose.

My classmates and I were to…

A shamanic healing appointment, through the eyes of the client

A few weeks ago, my shamanic teacher, Caroline Kenner, had discussed with our class a new healing technique that involved Past Life Healing and removal of Past Life Curses.

This was a pretty advanced healing technique, and during the course of our lecture, she asked for volunteer students to sign up for experiential healings. I was excited to sign up, as I was having difficulty journeying into the Past in order to learn about the technique, and I thought that by experiencing it as a client, I may have a better idea for helping my own clients.

The ritual began with me laying down on a comfortable camp mattress, covered in bright white sheets. Caroline expertly applied healing crystals, woods, and pelts (Coyote, of course!) before singing her powerful songs of invitation to all Helping Spirits. As her Journey began, I settled further into my mattress and relaxed.

As Caroline began to speak on what she was Seeing, she asked me many follow-up questions. This helped clarify the informatio…