Making a House Blessing Fan

Back in January, our class learned about House Blessings and House Clearings.

Quick sideline: What's a House Clearing?
Close your eyes and think of all the buildings, apartments, houses, offices, etc. that you have visited in your life. Each place carries "energy" which can build up over time. If the energy matches the purpose of the building, then you feel a sense of comfort (i.e., a really great doctor's office will have wonderful healing vibes). If the energy no longer matches the purpose of the building, then anyone (spiritual or not) can perceive the discomfort (i.e., purchasing a house after retirement that used to house numerous young children, and you find it hard to "settle down" and peacefully relax or sleep). House Blessings are used to ritually welcome new owners to a building & its Spirits, while House Clearings are used to "reset" or "reboot" the energy of a building and/or change its purpose.

My classmates and I were told to go on a Journey and ask our Helping Spirits for any symbols, tools, or ideas for when working with House Spirits. As I spoke with Coyote, Freya (of the Norse gods) joined in our conversation, and began talking about feathers. Specifically, Goose feathers, and the creation of a feather fan.

I like feathers. I especially like them strewn across the grass after a big meal (<-- that was definitely not me; Coyote popped into my fingers quicker than I could think!). Gah! Anyway, I've amassed a pretty big collection of feathers just from random hikes and impulsive eBay purchases. But why Goose?

In speaking further with Freya (or the part of my brain that thinks it's Freya), I thought more about Geese, and their observable behaviors. Geese are very family-oriented, and have large flocks that live together. They are also extremely loyal and protective, and will fly with an injured family member for support and protection. They also have a smidgen of silliness in them: just think of the many times you may have taken a beautiful walk along a lake/park and find every inch covered in their poop!

So I decided to create a Goose Feather fan, for house blessings, in order to help foster energies of familial support, laughter, loyalty and protection (and to help sweep out malaise, distraction, non-productive arguments, and loneliness). I traveled to the awesome craft store JoAnn Fabrics, and then after walking around for 25 minutes, decided it wasn't so awesome. Drove another 30 minutes to Michael's, which was definitely more awesome, and got the following materials:

And then I began gluing. And twisting leather. And gluing some more. Lots of glue needed. And then some lunch. And then more glue. And then eating the glued lunch off my fingers. And then I took a nap.

Finally, after all of that, I ended up with a pretty sweet-looking fan:

Of course, in typical Coyote-style, I did all of this on the day that I had my first scheduled House Clearing appointment (Procrastination, oh yeah!). And of course, in typical Coyote-style, my appointment called and rescheduled for another date.

Soon, I look forward to using this fan, and I look forward to telling all of you the details...


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