A shamanic healing appointment, through the eyes of the client

A few weeks ago, my shamanic teacher, Caroline Kenner, had discussed with our class a new healing technique that involved Past Life Healing and removal of Past Life Curses.

This was a pretty advanced healing technique, and during the course of our lecture, she asked for volunteer students to sign up for experiential healings. I was excited to sign up, as I was having difficulty journeying into the Past in order to learn about the technique, and I thought that by experiencing it as a client, I may have a better idea for helping my own clients.

The ritual began with me laying down on a comfortable camp mattress, covered in bright white sheets. Caroline expertly applied healing crystals, woods, and pelts (Coyote, of course!) before singing her powerful songs of invitation to all Helping Spirits. As her Journey began, I settled further into my mattress and relaxed.

As Caroline began to speak on what she was Seeing, she asked me many follow-up questions. This helped clarify the information she was learning from her Journey, and it helped me to understand how my current patterns of behavior may have been influenced from previous incarnations and/or Ancestors.

Many shamanic healings follow a general order: the clients speaks a bit about his/her feelings/symptoms, the shaman goes into the Otherworld to figure out the causes of distress, intrusions are removed, and energy is brought back. Caroline was able to speak with her Helping Spirits and determine a possible Past Life cause for some of the effects that I currently deal with on a day-to-day basis.

A part of myself, from the Iron Age times, enjoyed dried fruit, nuts, dried meat, and Frog's Legs. These types of foods are the type of comfort foods I reach for when I'm feeling a bit ill and want to increase my health and digestion! The synchronicity really impressed me, and as Caroline linked this information to my personal enjoyment of these foods, I felt like I was remembering the first time I tasted these foods.

A second part of myself, from more recent centuries, had an extremely difficult life. False imprisonment, terrible living conditions, and disgusting food, particularly "wheat gruel." The lessons that she brought back from that lifetime showed me a few "Aha!" moments, especially concerning allergies to wheat.

Both aspects of myself taught me about the continuity of Life, and how one action can affect the Soul in numerous incarnations. When Caroline brought my energy back, I could physically feel myself expanding a bit, and tingling with gooseflesh.

This Healing helped me to see the client's perspective, and how important verbal discussion between client and shaman is during the appointment. I have a loose format to follow for when I work with others, and I feel as though I will be more comfortable in the future when I discuss what I See.

Past Life Healings are incredibly powerful, and very tricky for the shaman. During class, I felt awkward and a bit nervous describing my visions, as I felt I was making a "shot in the dark."  Many times, the client may not be able to give feedback as to the accuracy of the visions, because they deal with unknown information.

It's been almost a month since my Healing, and the effects are really starting to show in my life. I am more conscious of my eating habits, and I try to incorporate more of my "comfort foods" that maintain my health. Generally, I also feel as though my concentration has increased, as well as my silliness and coping skills!


  1. Have you gotten around to eating frog legs yet?
    Ha ha!

    Actually, it would be kind of neat if you did a special themed dinner night where you take the time to eat the foods that came up during the healing. Just to see what kind of sensory experiences would happen. I know you said you kind of eat this stuff already, but if you had an Iron Age night, that could be pretty cool!

    1. That is an awesome idea-- perhaps we should try it when you visit??

  2. Wow, did Dave take your photo while we were doing the appointment? What happened to your face? Is it intentional that we can't see your face?

    I must have been in a deeper trance than I thought.......
    love you!

    1. Yeah, I blacked it out for anonymity. And I had a weird expression on my face lol.


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