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More dreams about "Sea Eagles", and incredible synchronicities

Well, had another dream last night in which Sea Eagles were showcased. I don't remember nearly as much information as my last entry, but I do remember searching for feathers, finding some in a grassy clearing, and then the "guardians" of the clearing (who were Lions?!?) challenged me by trying to eat my face (they didn't quite, and then I woke up).

The feathers and birds that I saw in this dream had more of a mottled brownish/greyish color, and the feathers had both tan and dark brown/grey stripes. They were GIGANTIC- as in, almost three feet long, and very very skinny.

I am here at work now, taking a break from client reports, and began searching for more about Sea Eagles. I'm not always a fan of Wikipedia (as the information is only sometimes accurate and cited), but I was blown away by the images and writings on the White-Tailed Eagle . I scrolled down while reading, and as I came upon the Pre-History section, I almost fell out of my chair: "On Orkney Sco…

Dreaming of Death and Skara Brae

I am running through a large house and hiding, trying to protect myself from another tribe's magic-workers. I feel anxious and sad when I am finally found, because I know that I am to be put to death. As I am taken back out through the house, I look for a way out, an escape from my captors. I can't seem to shake them.
We eventually end up outside, on a large boat. I am being guarded as we head back to the other tribe's area (the imagery is of hunter-gatherer society, very early, and very Celtic-themed).
One of the seers from the tribe that has captured me takes a bird to the Chief/Captain, saying that "it is a good omen for them." It is declared a "Sea Eagle" and given to me, after the seer snaps its neck. I cradle the bird to my chest (heart chakra?) and observe it not to be dead at all, but wounded/disabled so that it can't really move or fly. I feel that I have to hide the bird's "aliveness" from my captors. I start thinking of magi…

Broken jewelry at the Conjure Dance (or How Coyote gets my attention...)

Sacred Space 2012 was incredible. I was able to work with wonderful & special people during the Shamanic Healing Ceremony, and visit with friends & loved ones during my volunteer work hours at the Author's Table/Registration Desk, and really let loose during the New Orleans Conjure Dance!

The particulars of the Dance are better left for my more private journals, but the general summary is that I'm out of shape, my feet and calves were killing me for 3-4 days afterwards, and THREE DIFFERENT pieces of jewelry were broken (one right after the other)!!!

After a good night's sleep, filled with wacky silly dreams, I woke up the next morning with sore muscles and a pensive mood that lasted the rest of the Conference. What happened to my jewelry? Is this some sort of Two-by-Four message that I'm just not understanding? Sacred jewelry breaking during a sacred dance, that's gotta mean something, right?

So I began pestering my friends during the rest of my time in Lau…

Sacred Space Conference this Weekend!

This weekend is one of my favorite spiritual conferences, Sacred Space, in Laurel MD. Many of my fellow students will be involved in a Shamanic Healing Ceremony during the opening day (Thursday).

Shamanic Healing Ceremonies at large conferences are set up as "drive-by" healings. If there are more than three-four shamans, then everyone sets up their equipment in the middle of the circle, and clients approach a shaman for healing. Everyone gets a healing at the same time, and so it can be a bit chaotic, but interesting to watch. If there are only a few students, and/or the shamans weren't able to bring many tools, then the shamans bounce around to different clients (who remain seated) and perform the healings there.

I enjoy these Healing Ceremonies, as I get to practice my skills, interact with new people, and introduce clients to a new form of healing that they may never have experienced before. Also, as the Ceremony is right at the beginning of the conference, I'm ab…