More dreams about "Sea Eagles", and incredible synchronicities

Well, had another dream last night in which Sea Eagles were showcased. I don't remember nearly as much information as my last entry, but I do remember searching for feathers, finding some in a grassy clearing, and then the "guardians" of the clearing (who were Lions?!?) challenged me by trying to eat my face (they didn't quite, and then I woke up).

The feathers and birds that I saw in this dream had more of a mottled brownish/greyish color, and the feathers had both tan and dark brown/grey stripes. They were GIGANTIC- as in, almost three feet long, and very very skinny.

I am here at work now, taking a break from client reports, and began searching for more about Sea Eagles. I'm not always a fan of Wikipedia (as the information is only sometimes accurate and cited), but I was blown away by the images and writings on the White-Tailed Eagle . I scrolled down while reading, and as I came upon the Pre-History section, I almost fell out of my chair: "On Orkney Scotland, sea eagle bones have been found in 6000 year old burial mounds, suggesting that the birds were revered by the prehistoric people there, a belief strengthened by the Pictish stone carvings of sea eagles from Orkney."

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W H O A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never had such an intense "Aha!" moment from a dream image before! Holy freaking moo-cows!

I look forward to seeing what dreams come tonight!


  1. That pic should go up on Goths in Trees, just sayin :)

  2. This is the eagle I have in my screen saver featuring Wolves, Ravens and Snakes.. I was going to suggest it before but.. lol.



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