Sacred Space Conference this Weekend!

This weekend is one of my favorite spiritual conferences, Sacred Space, in Laurel MD. Many of my fellow students will be involved in a Shamanic Healing Ceremony during the opening day (Thursday).

Shamanic Healing Ceremonies at large conferences are set up as "drive-by" healings. If there are more than three-four shamans, then everyone sets up their equipment in the middle of the circle, and clients approach a shaman for healing. Everyone gets a healing at the same time, and so it can be a bit chaotic, but interesting to watch. If there are only a few students, and/or the shamans weren't able to bring many tools, then the shamans bounce around to different clients (who remain seated) and perform the healings there.

I enjoy these Healing Ceremonies, as I get to practice my skills, interact with new people, and introduce clients to a new form of healing that they may never have experienced before. Also, as the Ceremony is right at the beginning of the conference, I'm able to play for the rest of the long weekend!

There will be amazing classes, massage therapy tables, acupuncture, merchant tables (with pretty stones & crystals!), random hallway conversations, Meet-n-Greet with famous authors, and sleeping in comfy hotel beds (and not worrying about cleaning!).

I hope to meet some of you readers there, and begin a few new friendships!


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