Another Ancestor Dream

I was walking with my sister, Teacher and classmates into a grocery store. We stopped at a freezer to get something, and then we were under psychic attack (?). Caroline encouraged us to gather round, and began chanting the name of all the Egyptian gods. They appeared in the sky overhead! Isis, Nepthys, Osiris, Khnum, etc. And then I began looking for Anubis (saying, "Where's Anubis?" in my dream). I turned to my sister and said, "I love my religion! When we call for help, the gods really come!"  As I kept calling out, looking for Anubis, I was transported to a small village in very ancient times.

This village had about 40 people, in a forest-type place, and of course, I was drawn to the Dead. They were kept in stone bairns/cave-like structures. The bodies would be covered in white, on a ledge or table, with lit torches at the head and foot of the ledge/table. The stone caves had an inset wall, and I didn't smell any rot...

Children were playing in a cleared field in front of the Dead, and the emotional atmosphere was of normality. The Dead were part of life, not to be ignored or shunned, but no one was interacting with the corpses ( no Druids or priests, etc.).

I was then asked, by an invisible tour guide (or Ancestor?) to go to the Cooking Hut. A small child came with us. I smelled wonderful smells; a large nude woman was stirring a pot. The child (a young boy) inhaled the steam, smiled, and began to talk to the woman. I couldn't understand them, so I moved closer. As the woman stirred the pot, I could see the limbs and skulls of 2-3 corpses in the pot. They were brownish-grey, and combined with root vegetables, like in a stew. At first I was stunned, but not grossed-out. I wondered if my Ancestors treated the bodies somehow, so that they would not get sick. I was trying to figure out if certain veggies had something to do with the lack of prion disease...?

I also got the impression that the Eaters of the Dead (yep, that's a 13th Warrior reference that my Dream-Brain made!) did this for both survival and reverence, but that the corpses were just meat. The Souls/Spirits, once released from the body, could be spoken with/interacted with at special Stones.

For now, I'm sort of keeping track of all these Dreams as if they are from the some area of space and time. I feel like the imagery is a combination of Celtic/Germanic culture, plus other things that I can't place at all. This is also the second time that Anubis has arrived in my dreams by name, so perhaps he's guiding some of this?!?

What do you think of this dream?


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