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How Coyote works best at rehabilitation clinics

Healing through Laughter: that's been my motto for the entire length of time that I've worked in the mental health and human services fields. However, Coyote is not usually the first Spirit that comes to mind when thinking about Healing...usually it's Bear (who is a great lover and healer of humanity), or sometimes Wolf, or even a variety of birds (Eagle, Osprey, Hawk, etc.). And while I enjoy working relationships with many of the above, Coyote and I work best in large groups.

Humor, as a social construct, is difficult to teach, and difficult to explain. Who can tell what one will find amusing, or the difference between "laughing with someone" versus "laughing at someone?" Throw in a thought-disorder and it becomes doubly difficult.

Coyote's tricks are usually played out as tricks upon himself. He becomes the safe person to laugh at/with, because he's already done something so idiotic, and failed, that he is the first (and loudest) person to be…


Yahoo! I've graduated from Gryphons Grove School of Shamanism!

I received three different Graduation certificates (available under "Awards & Certificates" page), as well as my Lantern and Shamanic Elder beads. Caroline giggled, as she called me the "Youngest Elder" and fed me Elder berries!

This school was a life-changing experience. I started my education while still living in NYC, and traveled from Queens to DC and back at least 1-2 times per month. After over a year and a half of all that travel, I finally made the move down to Maryland, and had a much shorter commute (5 hours down to 1 hour!).

My dear friends and classmates have helped me through my Father's death, the ending of relationships, the changing of jobs, moving south, and adapting to a completely new way of life!

Although I have graduated from this school, my education is not at an end. I shall keep the focus of this blog, Tales from a Shamanic Apprentice, because I have so much more to e…