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Deer Antlers

Free Spirit Gathering was a wonderful experience. For the first time in numerous years, there was not an official Shamanic Healing ceremony in the Labyrinth, so me and many of my friends relaxed and worked on our own healing. I received my Reiki IIIB attunement, and observed a healing with Phoenix fire in order to facilitate a healing for a friend. Many of us also received acupuncture and energy healing from Neighborhood Acupuncture.

On the last day, we learned that the woods around the Labyrinth had been clear-cut and treated with heavy-duty pesticides. This was a bit of a shock, as the area always had such wonderful energy for healing and meditation. My friends and I walked to the Labyrinth, bringing gifts of milk, honey, wine, and song. As I asked for healing for the land, I spotted a two-point deer antler, shed by a buck a while ago. I brought it home, cleaned it up, and tried to figure out its message.

In a wonderfully psychic twist, upon arriving home and booting up my computer,…

Healing Ceremonies for the Community

This weekend, I will be attending the Free Spirit Gathering, in Darlington, MD.

I first attended this festival a few years ago, while I lived in NYC. This place is where I had my first Shamanic Healing Ceremony. This place is where I met my Teacher, Caroline Kenner. And this is the place I return to, year after year, in order to "reset" my brain, get away from my normal, everyday life, and work on my own Healing.

Last year, I was a Senior Student of Gryphons Grove School of Shamanism, and worked with a few of my classmates and Caroline in performing daily Healing Ceremonies at the Labyrinth in the Woods. I really enjoyed the experiences, as I was able to trust my vision the more clients I worked with. I also grew in confidence, and learned how to trust my instincts when faced with things I've never seen before.

This year, I may not assist in as many Healing Ceremonies, as I am looking forward to my own growth and healing. I hope to join a Sweat Lodge, as my last Sweat w…

Cross-posting for a friend regarding the philosphy of Magic

June is quite a busy month! I had my very first private, professional healing ceremony, and now the floodgates seem to be open (the whole month is almost fully booked already).
I read a well-written article by a friend of mine, which discussed an interesting philosophical viewpoint of magic in a Druid context. As with all personal blog entries, I agree with some of his views, and not quite others (in the same way). But it certainly got me thinking about how Shamanism falls in between Magic, Therapy, and Divine Healing.


(original article can be found here)

"To begin with a discussion of magic in Druidry, one must begin with a discussion of magic in modern Neopaganism and the occult movements as a whole.
Most definitions of magic trace their roots back to Aleister Crowley's: to him, magic was "the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will." Crowley commonly spelled "magic" as "magick," using the "k" to diff…

"Hello stranger, can I ask you about your spirituality?"

I've had a bizarre week.

During my social hours, I've begun a new friendship*. I met this person through a group of friends, and so it was pretty easy to integrate her into the rest of my group's silliness and laughter. However, I've been having dreams and strange flashes about her all week!

 It first began when we were all trading embarrassing stories from our childhood-- things that seemed so traumatic back then, but are ridiculous with the hindsight of experience. She spoke about a particular experience when she was 13, and how she called for help for a situation, but didn't receive any. As she told the awkward finale, I immediately blinked, daydreamed an image of shadowy intrusion, and then blinked back to normal vision. I thought I might have projected the image, so I ignored it.

Ha ha ha, guess you can see where this is going...?

I dreamed about her that night, and she had somehow been injected into one of my mundane work dreams... paperwork, computers, plant…