Another step in my journey of Reiki Healing

Hurray and Huzzah! I received my Reiki IIIB healing attunement at Free Spirit Gathering this past month!

Full Teacher Level!

This achievement has been about 3 years in the making. I first heard about Reiki from my Senior Druid, back when I was a member of Grove of the Other Gods, ADF. I was having a bit of manic anxiety and high levels of stress, and she offered to give me a session. Immediately, I felt a tingling sensation over my shoulders and back, and could actually feel the calming, soothing energy flow out of her fingers and into my body. For the first time, I was able to actually feel something real!

During my first pagan festival, I saw that Reiki attunements were being offered, and I was a bit wishy-washy on signing up. Eventually, I swallowed my nervousness (Would I be able to feel anything? Would it work? I'm not Japanese, does that matter?), and went.

My teacher was very knowledgeable, practical, and logical. She was able to explain Reiki energy and healing in a very scientific, non-flighty way, which eased many of my fears. I received my first Reiki attunement, and as my eyes were closed, daydreamed a bit about what I might feel. Funny enough, I saw blobs of colors behind my eyelids. But mostly, I just felt a real sense of "Aaaahahhhhhh!" and well-being. Very content, and peacefully happy.

As I worked more with Reiki, and read articles on pain management and mental health effects, I wanted to learn more, and to be able to pass along those feelings of contentment to others. Each year, I saved enough money for the next step in attunement. And this year, I received my full Teacher-Level attunement!

What does this mean for my future? Well, I am currently re-structuring a Reiki Grid in my Home/Office/Altar room, so that those who wish it may receive continual Reiki energy in a passive, loving form (re-charged every 24-48 hours). I am studying my manual, in the hopes that I may learn how to give Healing Attunements during Healing Appointments (both in-person and remotely). And eventually, I'd love to teach others how to facilitate Reiki in their own lives, by giving attunements and classes!

Do you have any Reiki stories?


  1. There are 8 extra images in Karuna Reiki which are utilized for serious recuperating work. It is basic that Karuna Reiki is just offered to Usui Reiki Masters as William claims that it is not a substitute for karuna reiki but rather is an extra strategy that is a stage up from it.

    1. I've always been interested in Karuna Reiki, but don't know any practitioners near me...


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