Deer Antlers

Free Spirit Gathering was a wonderful experience. For the first time in numerous years, there was not an official Shamanic Healing ceremony in the Labyrinth, so me and many of my friends relaxed and worked on our own healing. I received my Reiki IIIB attunement, and observed a healing with Phoenix fire in order to facilitate a healing for a friend. Many of us also received acupuncture and energy healing from Neighborhood Acupuncture.

On the last day, we learned that the woods around the Labyrinth had been clear-cut and treated with heavy-duty pesticides. This was a bit of a shock, as the area always had such wonderful energy for healing and meditation. My friends and I walked to the Labyrinth, bringing gifts of milk, honey, wine, and song. As I asked for healing for the land, I spotted a two-point deer antler, shed by a buck a while ago. I brought it home, cleaned it up, and tried to figure out its message.

In a wonderfully psychic twist, upon arriving home and booting up my computer, I saw that my sister had emailed me a few random articles about the mythology of Deer! I read and learned that Deer, and especially Antlers, pointed to lessons of Transformation.

This summer has definitely been one of Transformation for me, as I learn to incorporate my shamanic training with my professional job and my private spiritual healing practice. One of my biggest lessons is to not over-analyze my intuition, and not over-speak during healing appointments. I try really hard to help my clients understand what I see in my visions during appointments, but I think that the more I describe, the less it makes sense, and the magic can sometimes be taken away with too much talking.

As I grow in experience and confidence, I hope that I will know just the right thing to say in order to facilitate healing, and that my own brain doesn't get in my way!


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