Stuffed Monkeys need healing, too!

A few of my more recent healing appointments have been remote healings, and so I thought it might be a good idea to describe what may occurr during these appointments.

Essentially, the only main difference between remote healings and in-person appointments is the physical presence of the client. I set up my room the same way, I set up the blankets and furs/pelts the same way, and I make sure that I have my stones, tools, drum, rattle, and other items.

But instead of having the client sit or lay down in the middle of my room, I use either a picture, or a stuffed animal to represent who I'm working on:

(I'm a big fan of monkeys, so I have many to choose from for remote appointments!)

And then I conduct the appointment, following the same guidelines learned in school or spontaneously given to me by my Spirits.

Because I am not directly interacting with my client, I may give guidelines over the phone/via email before the appointment, along with follow-up questions afterwards. I continue to give support, and the client works with his/her healing in the same way (as if s/he was in my room).

The greatest benefit of remote healing appointments is that they can be performed with a person who is not physically there. This is helpful for those with physical disabilities, travel restrictions, military personnel, young children, etc.  


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