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Giving birth to the Great Project

It's almost September already, and I feel like this year has zoomed by!

I graduated from Gryphons Grove School of Shamanism at the end of April, took a month to catch my breath in May, and began my professional healing practice in June. I've had three excellent months of meeting new people, working with them on their private concerns, and solidifying my relationships with all the Spirits in my head, as well as meeting some new ones (see how I met Artemis!).

As I've continued to balance both my physical work of Psychologist with my spiritual work of Healer, my Spirits hit me with a profound question:

What do you want to do with your Training?

This question knocked my off my paws, because in truth, I hadn't really thought about it! I had just assumed that after graduation, I would become a professional healer, and work with those who found their way to me in Parkville, MD.

Not good enough, they said in my head. Too easy.

And they're right. It's too easy to just wri…

Stick a needle in a coyote and what do you get?

... A surprisingly relaxed Coyote!

Today, I visited one of my favorite healers, Neighborhood Acupuncture. I've visited them every few months for the past year and a half, and have become good friends with some of the practitioners there.

Now, as someone with a few tattoos and regular blood tests (yay modern medicine), you'd think I'd be all right around needles. And for the most part I am; I don't enjoy it, but I can turn my head away and take a deep breath and think of something else for a bit. But although I'd always been interested in acupuncture, I would shake with anxiety every time I approached an office. And then we'd slink away, tail between our legs.

Maybe it was the mystery of it, or the unknown amount of pain it might entail, but I never had enough guts to just do it.

Until I met the practitioners at Neighborhood Acupuncture in Laurel, who explained the steps of an appointment exactly, and described the varying ranges of "uncomfortability" …

A funny synchronicity about Artemis...

I've been practicing my archery skills for a little over ~4 months now (see my previous post about Red-Tailed Hawk!), and I've started to feel a bit of a poke in my brain from a Goddess of Archery...

Synchronicity, in a shamanic perspective, is one wonderfully obvious way for a Spirit or Deity to begin communication with a shaman. For me, it begins with with a lazy daydream or an idea about a particular animal or myth. I'll Google it, and then read a particular line or two that really make me think about either a deity's philosophy, or I'll start seeing a particular animal Everywhere.

I had enjoyed some of Artemis' mythology, and was interested in getting to know Her a bit better. But I wasn't quite sure if she was interested in talking with me. So I "set up" a way for the Universe to give me a really obvious sign. This set up has to have a few mandatory items:

1. A specific physical manifestation (either a picture in a book, words in a song on a …

How a Coyote learns a lesson in Focus from Red-Tailed Hawk

One of the most difficult things for me, during Journeywork, is to maintain my focus on the images that are flowing through my head, and to follow them to their logical (or bizzare) conclusions.
Working with Coyote, who likes to flit about as much as I do, it's doubly hard. On the one hand, I've gotten very good at splitting my attention in at least five different directions. I can hear one animal in part of my head, see a shadowy intrusion inside a client, hear my teacher's voice singing her sacred songs, blink and visualize my hands into paws with claws, and listen to my client's questions.
However, on the other paw, when working with Bear, he is very specific about the level of intense focus I need for certain workings. It can be dangerous, if I am not paying full attention, and I can lose myself, or a part of a client that I am bringing back.
I am not the best person for fully focused mediation, preferring activities that keep both my body and mind busy on a tas…