A funny synchronicity about Artemis...

I've been practicing my archery skills for a little over ~4 months now (see my previous post about Red-Tailed Hawk!), and I've started to feel a bit of a poke in my brain from a Goddess of Archery...

Synchronicity, in a shamanic perspective, is one wonderfully obvious way for a Spirit or Deity to begin communication with a shaman. For me, it begins with with a lazy daydream or an idea about a particular animal or myth. I'll Google it, and then read a particular line or two that really make me think about either a deity's philosophy, or I'll start seeing a particular animal Everywhere.

I had enjoyed some of Artemis' mythology, and was interested in getting to know Her a bit better. But I wasn't quite sure if she was interested in talking with me. So I "set up" a way for the Universe to give me a really obvious sign. This set up has to have a few mandatory items:

1. A specific physical manifestation (either a picture in a book, words in a song on a radio, etc. Nothing too difficult, or else the Universe can't make it happen).

2. Time-bound (this is extremely important! With my Coyote-brain, we can only pay attention for 30 minutes max, or we start to think about other things. If a request is not time-bound, then the Universe could answer it when I'm not paying attention!).

3. An outlet, or "back-door", so that if the answer is "No", the Universe will just not make an obvious sign or omen.

So, to determine if Artemis and I should be better acquainted, I stated, out loud, at the beginning of my day, "I would like to find a statue of Artemis with a bow & arrows to purchase. I would like to find it by the end of my day in southern Maryland, and if it is not meant to be, then it will not be in any of the stores I visit today."

After hanging out with my friends, we entered a pagan shop, and I began looking at the shelves. Immediately, I find a gorgeous statue of Artemis behind a few Norse statues, and she has a bow & arrows!

There were no other statues of Her in the shop, nor of Diana or other women of the woods, so that was my "Aha!" moment from the universe. She wanted to get to know me as I was getting to know Her!
I love her antlers, howling wolf, and the fact that she is standing on the Moon!
Omens like this always have a bit of a "trick" to them-- I realized this as I brought Her to the cashier. I turned her over, and saw that she was $62! Oooooof! That was about $30 more than I had planned to spend today, but as I had asked, I made the commitment and purchased the statue.

I'm looking forward to the beginning of a new relationship!

What funny synchronicities have affected your life?


  1. That is so cool! lol I guess next time you should add, "within my budget" :).

    I am glad I am not the only one who does this thing, "ok universe... here is how you make it obvious!"



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