Giving birth to the Great Project

It's almost September already, and I feel like this year has zoomed by!

I graduated from Gryphons Grove School of Shamanism at the end of April, took a month to catch my breath in May, and began my professional healing practice in June. I've had three excellent months of meeting new people, working with them on their private concerns, and solidifying my relationships with all the Spirits in my head, as well as meeting some new ones (see how I met Artemis!).

As I've continued to balance both my physical work of Psychologist with my spiritual work of Healer, my Spirits hit me with a profound question:

What do you want to do with your Training?

This question knocked my off my paws, because in truth, I hadn't really thought about it! I had just assumed that after graduation, I would become a professional healer, and work with those who found their way to me in Parkville, MD.

Not good enough, they said in my head. Too easy.

And they're right. It's too easy to just write a blog and hope that people find me in my corner of the world. It's too easy to just begin healing relationships with those the Universe sends my way for teaching. It does not honor the Gifts that the Spirits give when they work through me, because how can I possibly try to explain everything that clients should know in only 1-2 hours?!?

So I tried to figure it out. I pulled some cards, and then some Runes, and then some different cards, and then called all my fellow graduates for their advice, and spun around in circles.

I was avoiding thinking about it myself. On my own.

So I sat outside and I thought. And pondered. And even cogitated while ruminating during a walk (try to picture that in your head!). And I came up with a few different strong ideas.

I went back to the cards. Should I combine my Shamanic Training with a therapy license? Hell no! they said, as that would lead to all kinds of chaos and misunderstandings and legal confusion and malpractice crap. Should I write articles for blogs and maybe magazines about the interconnectedness of mental illness and soul loss? Getting closer, we like it... I heard in my head. Should I write a book? Ding ding ding she got it, before the Two-by-Four came out!

Holy sheisse! A book! I was so overwhelmed by the idea that I didn't touch the cards or talk to the Spirits for another three days!

When I thought more about it, and talked it over with a few different trusted friends, many were excited by the idea. I still felt very anxious and shy about it, and would find that my fingers would seize each time I thought about the enormity of the idea.

But the Spirits had some excellent selling points; This is not necessarily a book for others, this is primarily a lesson for you to grow some confidence, experience, and discover what you have to offer the world. You are no longer a student, you now need to learn how to be a teacher, and that type of Energy Shift is massive and expansive. 

Once you have finished writing a book, you will know what we want you to Say and Do.

Well, alright then. Here's to the birth of the Great Unknown Book Project!


  1. I'm kind of at a similar point in my life. I've moved on from my old teachers, and now I find myself being pushed to write a book not just to share what I know with others, but to learn and grow more in the process of writing.

    Here's to the process!


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