Further lessons in Coffee vs. Tea (by way of Acupuncture!)

My poor body.

In the past few weeks, I've had poison ivy, allergic reactions to medications (resulting in secondary infections, ugh), eczema from hand lotions (really?!), bloody noses, and extremely dry & chapped lips.

In addition to these symptoms, I've also been at extremely low energy levels. I have just enough to make it through the workday, and then I collapse onto the couch at home. Sometimes I can't even look at my computer for a few days, and my Archery exercises have dropped from 2-3 times per week to once per week.

What is going on with me?!

I crawled into my car and made my way down to one of my own healers, Niall,  for some much needed answers and a "body reset." 

In working with him, I discovered that skin conditions (and the excess dryness in my body) are related to Fire (in Chinese medicine). As he placed the needles at necessary points in my skin, I began to Journey, and ask my Spirits for healing. And this is what they had to say;

"...Hummingbird refills herself with Fire and Energy...longing for the wild solitude of the Woods...Chocolate!...take time for Silence...Release excess stuff so the Universe can refill...too much heat-- you need to explore an anti-inflammatory diet!...Red Quartz..."

(Yep, that is totally confusing, and usually how I hear the different voices in my head!)

But perhaps the biggest lesson that I learned in my self-healing work was the consequences of Coffee vs. Tea (if needed, read my previous plant shamanism posts). I have been using coffee to "refill" my Energy (spiritual energy, physical energy, mental energy), just like most other human beings! But coffee adds heat, and reduces water, and is inflammatory. My daily addiction was acutally causing many of the "overheated/over-Fire" symptoms I was experiencing!

So I've reduced my coffee way down, to only on weekends (7 days a week down to 2 days a week). And I've re-kindled my friendship with Green Tea:

Sacred Tea Plants, growing in China
Moderation is the key to Coffee's powerful Plant Medicine, and I need to remember that!


  1. in Acupunture treatment acupuncturists uses various herbal medicine. Acupuncturist believes that illness only occurs when something become hurdle in the flow of energy.

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  3. Hi great post. Coffee is powerful medicine. When it is used properly it can treat blocked bowels and certain blocked energies. The key to using coffee properly, is moderation as you stated. But also, quality coffee is needed, and after it has been ground into a powder, it starts to lose it's medicinal compounds. To use coffee as medicine, whole beans are needed and should be ground immediately before using. Then they should be steeped and drunk until standing becomes harder. You may have the urge to go to the bathroom; this is good and this is the coffee's medicinal effect, it will release blockages.

    Thanks Monika!


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