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Plant Shamanism: For the Love of Rosemary

I love the Rosemary plant.

Rosemary is a great friend of humanity, especially during the colder, winter season. Somewhere, in my many life experiences, I heard that Rosemary can help with depression (and SAD). Since then (I think it was during college), I've always kept a large stock handy in the fall and winter, when I feel particularly blah and lazy and unfocused.

Back in 2011, I learned to approach the Rosemary plant shamanically, with the intent to start & strengthen our relationship. After Journeying to her during my classes, I learned the following:
I have a yummy spicy hardy scent!I can dispel Anxiety and Depression, and help to sharpen your focus so that you can Act with Intention:I can stop the feeling of "being trapped in fear" when both depressed and anxious.I am a brain stimulant, and can affect your levels of Serotonin.I can grow in hardier soils, and I call to animals & critters which will eventually enrich the earth.And I am a "conduit for Magi…

Introduction to Shamanism mini-class

This weekend will be an exciting one; I will be presenting a short "introduction to shamanism"class to a group of Sunday School kids at a DC church this Sunday!

Shamanism covers such a wide array of cultures, practices, belief systems, etc. that I'm not sure just how to shorten it for their attention span. I'm thinking lots of pictures, animal symbolism dictionaries, and rhythm instruments!

I'm hoping to figure out how to add PowerPoint slides to this website, so that you may download it. Any hints from more technical-minded readers?

Keep an eye on this space for the write-up!

The Removal of Emotional Pain

In writing a new client, I was asked about my specific shamanic skillset and training.

In my head, I giggled, because I pictured all of my fellow graduates in Avengers/Power Animals costumes! <--Coyote appreciates the hilarity.

Shamanic healers are trained to facilitate spiritual healing in a variety of ways. We can reduce pain, speed physical healing, assist with pregnancy issues, reduce symptoms of disease, etc. We can bring messages to loved ones, and receive ones for our clients. We can work with a variety of Spirits, especially those of the Land/home, and help settle the relationships between a family and their House. We bless and honor the community with which we work, and help facilitate important growth periods (and death periods). And we can call you on your bullshit, if you lie to yourself about who you are or what you do.

Each person I graduated with has exceptional skills in different areas above, and I love coming to them for my own healing.

But I am well-trained in sp…