Introduction to Shamanism mini-class

This weekend will be an exciting one; I will be presenting a short "introduction to shamanism"class to a group of Sunday School kids at a DC church this Sunday!

Shamanism covers such a wide array of cultures, practices, belief systems, etc. that I'm not sure just how to shorten it for their attention span. I'm thinking lots of pictures, animal symbolism dictionaries, and rhythm instruments!

I'm hoping to figure out how to add PowerPoint slides to this website, so that you may download it. Any hints from more technical-minded readers?

Keep an eye on this space for the write-up!


  1. Super cool! My suggestion for sharing the PowerPoint would be to save it as a PDF (so no one can modify it) and upload it to Google Drive. You should then be able to share the link to the PDF on your blog (there's a big 'share' button on Google Drive for each file).


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