The Removal of Emotional Pain

In writing a new client, I was asked about my specific shamanic skillset and training.

In my head, I giggled, because I pictured all of my fellow graduates in Avengers/Power Animals costumes! <--Coyote appreciates the hilarity.

Shamanic healers are trained to facilitate spiritual healing in a variety of ways. We can reduce pain, speed physical healing, assist with pregnancy issues, reduce symptoms of disease, etc. We can bring messages to loved ones, and receive ones for our clients. We can work with a variety of Spirits, especially those of the Land/home, and help settle the relationships between a family and their House. We bless and honor the community with which we work, and help facilitate important growth periods (and death periods). And we can call you on your bullshit, if you lie to yourself about who you are or what you do.

Each person I graduated with has exceptional skills in different areas above, and I love coming to them for my own healing.

But I am well-trained in spotting bullshit :)

My Spirits and I work together to remove emotional pain, and the emotional causes of physical pain.

In my belief-system, I understand pain, disease, and disorder to come from three different "bodies:"

My drawings are awesome.
  • The part of an organism* that can be related to Soul, Anima/Animus, Divine, etc. It resonates at a high vibration and frequency, and can be thrown out of "alignment" with thoughts, emotions, lack of spirituality, curses, etc.  This is the part of the organism that extends outwards from the physical body the farthest, and I use singing to try and bring everything back into balance. This is where disease starts (and if not treated spiritually, it can manifest emotionally and physically).
  • The part of the organism that is energetically powered by the mind and the heart. The human mind is especially powerful in causing physical disease through emotional states (similar to psychosomatic illnesses and causes). One of the most difficult symptoms of self-induced illness centers around Ruminating Thoughts, and our culture's lack of ability to Let Things Go in order to fully relax. If emotions start to take over, without proper coping skills or "venting" skills, then it can very quickly manifest into physical disease (and some even believe cancer).
  • Many Addictions begin with disease and disorder in this Emotional Body. Emotions become too painful, and are not evaluated/integrated, and so a substance is used to numb out the pain.
  • Sometimes, food allergies, pregnancy issues, and memory problems begin in this Emotional Body, and manifest physically.
  • This is the origin of Bullshit-- all the lies that we tell ourselves (and others) begin in this Body, because of difficult emotions.
  •  The part of the organism most easily seen in regular, every day life. Numerous accidents, bumps, bruises, pains, diseases, etc. manifest in this Body but begin in other Bodies.
So where does your disease and discomfort manifest? Do you have a nagging pain and you don't know where it came from? Having difficulty with turning off your worrying brain at night?

Send me an email, and we will discover together what is out of alignment, and your own "Shamanic Homework" for a better life!


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