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A Clash with Cockroaches

I was born in NYC, and have spent over 16 years of my life there (my Queens accent only seems to come out on rare occasions now).

Although I have always loved animals, plants, and insects, there are some Nature Spirits that I can Never Ever Work With during this particular incarnation of my life. And even though my spiritual growth has brought great lessons from Insects, I will not be able to ever work with Cockroaches. Ever.

Cockroaches are everywhere in big cities, and in NYC, they definitely have a presence. Some are able to work with them as Insect Totems, but not me, not after this story from my past...

Ocotober 2003:

Last night, the bathroom was a warzone.

After washing up for bed around 11pm, I noticed that the drain in the bathtub was uncovered. I cover it ever night to keep most of the roaches that are in the pipes out of the bathroom. I put the cover over it, turned off the light, and made my way into bed. Not even 20 minutes later, I had to use the restroom. I grudgingly…

Dragons: a "Hello" from the past

Every now and then, I enjoy reading through my old Shamanic Journeying notebooks, to try and remember all the different spirits I have met and places I have seen.
It can be difficult to remember Journeys, as they are sometimes like dreams, but each detail can be symbolic, and adds to the Inner Landscape of each shaman's Worldview.

Coyote wasn't always the first one to come to me during Journeywork; I had a menagerie of interesting Spirits trying to get my attention!

Dragons, especially the sleek, Asian-style water/air dragons, were very powerful images for me, and I adore them. Here is a story from one of my first Journeys 10 years ago (when I still lived in NYC), that can illustrate the instinctual symbolism of shamanic work:

September 2003
Went to a Shamanic workshop today: I had to take a subway, transfer to a subway, transfer to another subway, and then hop on the NJ Transit RR. Sheesh, it sucked (2 hour travel time!) but it ended up being worth it.
GOG (Grove of the Other G…

Updates to the blog!

Snow day in Baltimore today, which brought me time to feed the birds, decorate my apartment for Yule, and streamline this website a bit.

I've added space for some of my most-read blog articles on shamanism, as well as a link to my Witchvox account (it's within the Coyote head!) and most-used labels.

Hope you enjoy it!

Diamond Phurba Empowerment, via 噶千仁波切 Garchen Rinpoche

During the weekend before my birthday in November, fellow shaman Nicholas Breezewood, who is editor of Sacred Hoop, notified many of us of an amazing opportunity. The Garchen Buddist Institute, located in Arizona, was hosting H.E. Garchen Rinpoche himself, and facilitating a Diamond Phurba Empowerment and Drubchen. And for those of us not local to AZ, it was also being broadcast live over the internet!

I have worked with phurbas in my shamanic practice for a few years. I was gifted one from Caroline during my studies as her apprentice in Gryphons Grove, and received another (that practically jumped into my hand!) while shopping at Bell, Book, & Candle.

Of course, I am not Tibetan, nor Buddhist, but I Journeyed to meet the Spirit of Phurba, and got a very strong presence in both of them! Phurbas are unlike many other shamanic tools that I work with; they have spiritual consciousness upon being forged, and they are Ready To Work. So even though there were numerous obstacles for us t…

Upcoming Shamanic Healing Ceremony (local to DC, Maryland, and Virginia!)

Hello to you all! I haven't spoken to many of you in the past few months, so I hope that this post finds you all healthy and happy. I am updating this blog to inform you all of a large Shamanic Healing Ceremony that will take place in the new year, on January 5th. Here are the details: My teacher, Caroline Kenner is organizing a group Healing Ceremony at the Blueberry Gardens in Ashton, Maryland.I will be there, along with my fellow healers Christian Stone (of Central Maryland Pagans) and Niall Sheehan (amazing acupuncturist in Laurel). Other graduates of Gryphons Grove will also be in attendance, providing support and healing energies. The doors will open at 10:30am, with greetings and scheduling starting around 11am. The Healing Ceremony itself will begin at 11:30am (song will be sung at that time, don't be late!). Myself and the other healers will work until around 2pm, and then we will share a meal and discuss the different healings and imagery (of course, specific details wil…

Travel Altars for the Holidays

During the Holidays, and long-distance conferences, I like to creat little mini-altars before I start driving. This helps me align my Will with the goal at the end of road. It also helps me to make the travel a Spiritual Act. And on some occasions, it helps me to "plug in" to the Urban Nature Spirts (like I-95 and Amtrak) and work with them for smooth travel. 
I like talking with Ganesh, Asphaltia, Mercury/Hermes, and of course, Coyote. 
My drawings are entertaining to Them :) And cookie offerings are mandatory!

Sneaky Coyote!

It is so extremely difficult to find images of Coyote on clothing & Knicks-knacks. It is almost always wolves, or dogs, which aren't quite the same energy. With my birthday recently passing on the 19th of November, I closed my eyes, settled my mind, and began Hunting through the internet.
Coyote is elusive, and giggled at me at each website. Images were close, but not quite right... Finally, I stop looking; tired of loosing the Game. Of course, that's when His ears pop up, and he gives me a Look:

Yes! Perfect!

LATE POST: End of Life issues

It has been a rough month.

One of my clients*, who was diagnosed with a fast-moving terminal illness, has had some difficulty working through his acceptance of the end of his life.

Even though I have had numerous trainings in Grief Counseling, Palliative Care, Soul Retrieval, and Psychopomp work, I am struggling with my dual role as his primary counselor and his Universe-Appointed healer.

My overarching goal is to help him die gracefully, in the way that he wants, with any (or no) pomp and circumstance. There have been some close calls at hospitals, and even some near-death moments.

He self-identifies as Roman Catholic, and has slightly increased his spirituality and prayer, as priests have visited his bedside.

With this in mind, I have tried to work within his own religious paradigm for healing. However, my greatest fear is that he will die without preparing his Soul for its Journey.

In working as a shamanic healer, I have spent numerous Journeys doing Psychopomp work for homes, buil…

Completed my Certification!

I work two different but complementary jobs; psychiatric rehabilitation and shamanic healing. My ongoing lessons from both Coyote and Bear involve seamlessly inter-weaving the philosophies of both, and providing as much excellent and empowering healing that I can.

Many of my clients go through devastating crises, and I am always trying to juggle different counseling techniques, passive energy supports for the environment, prayer, laughter, and heart-centered love. This mix of spiritual healing and mental healing is very important to me, as I love the work that I do (for both therapeutic clients and shamanic clients)!

Recently, I passed a very important certification for work. I am so happy that I found the capacity to study and convey the work that I do in an effective and ethical way! So, even though this certification announcement is important for my job, I am including it here because it helps inform the work that I do for spiritual clients:
"Congratulations to Lonely Coyote fo…

House Clearings & House Blessings: Big, Major Work in Shamanic Headspace!

Over the past few months, I have worked with many wonderful people on House Clearings/Blessings. I've noticed an interesting surge in these type of requests around the beginning of Fall, to coincide with "Back to School" season. In my Coyote-Brain, this time of year was always easiest to clear away clutter and make new goals (at least compared with New Year's Day, which reminded me of vacation, not resolutions!).

I often get asked numerous questions about House Clearings (what are they? how do they help? what is the process? how much? etc.), and felt that it would be wise to put everything in an entry for future discussion (tiny blip here from a year ago):

"What is a House Clearing/House Blessing? Is there a difference between the two?"
A House Clearing is a type of shamanic healing for a building/structure. Many of us live, work, play, and socialize in buildings that are not new, and have history in them. In my philosophy, humans leave energetic imprints …

My own Hawaiian Woodrose Friend!

With regards to my last post, here is a picture of the Hawaiian Woodrose Spirit with whom I am beginning a friendship. She appears to be enjoying the warm, humid days with sunshine, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do when the temperature starts dropping...!
I love her heart-shaped leaves. They are so soft and malleable that I find great healing in sitting with Her after my own heart is a bit too exhausted from working in the mental health field each day. 
I haven't seen any Katydids lately, but I'm sure they are there. 
Stay tuned for further lessons, as we work together for Healing!

Plant Spirit Shamanism: Hawaiian Woodrose

In the past few months, during my Spirit-imposed hiatus from blogging and Healing Ceremonies, I have had a really profound, "HELLOOOOOOOO!" from the Plant Spirits and Mother Earth.

I have been slowly expanding my focus and concentration, and have started to be able to listen to the softer, more subtle voices of plants (as compared to all the animals in my head)! For this playful and distractable Coyote, it has taken a lot of work to be able to Listen and not second-guess what I think I am hearing. There are many numerous books on animal spirits (Animal Speak is a good one, and so is Bird Medicine, by a friend), but not very many on Plants. Or at least not very many in my library at home.

Although I miss the back-and-forth discussion of shamanism classes, I am trying to increase my confidence, and communication, by writing down my UPG insights and comparing them with others via books, Skype, healing ceremonies, etc. later on. Many times, they overlap (upcoming entry on Ogham…

Lonely Coyote emerges from her den!

It's been two months since I've updated this blog. Normally, I'd feel a bit guilty about that, but during those months, I have gone through some pretty profound self-healing.

I've gone through one of the many Long, Dark Nights of the Soul.

I've questioned my senses, forgotten and re-learned my experiences, taken a leap of Faith, focused on mixing my Spirituality with my Mundane job (until they are completely intertwined!), increased my awareness, set up strong Boundaries (so that I am able to ground my energy better), and really learned to Trust My Instincts!

Now that I'm starting to re-emerge, I feel as though I am ready to put more work into my Spiritual Relationships. Talking to different spirits in my head is all well and good, but they like a visit every now and again, too!

I am also trying very hard to reduce my anxiety about explaining to others, in a logical way, about the imagery and symbols during appointments. I need to focus more on the lesson, and…

Free Spirit Gathering 2013

I'm on my way to one of my favorite summertime activities; Free Spirit Gathering in Darlington, MD. 
This will be my fifth year attending, and I will be working with my former teacher and dear friend, Caroline Kenner. We are co-presenting a group healing technique that she learned with Sandra Ingerman. Here's the info: 
Singing Your Soul Home - Caroline Kenner and Monika Lonely Coyote Please join Caroline Kenner and Monika Lonely Coyote for a group rite of Soul Retrieval dedicated to and empowered by Brighid and Manannan MacLir. Attended by phalanxes of spirits and supported by powerful healing crystals, you will receive a Fire and Water purification, and welcome your own soul essence back to you. Caroline and Monika will sing your soul home to you while you call to your own true self. This rite is based on Sandra Ingerman’s teachings. Please bring a mat or blanket to lie on, and a sincere desire for your own healing. 
I'm really looking forward to this, as well as relaxing wi…

Internal Magical Work: Sweat Lodge

Wow, it's been over a month since an article has been posted! My apologies to all, but I have been working very hard on self-healing, and working with the incredible energies of the last 3 eclipses that occurred in rapid succession!

Back near the end of April, I received a flood of emails from different astrology websites and blogs that described the intense "happenings" over the following 5-6 weeks. Around April 25th-26th, there was a Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, and then a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Taurus (with solar flares, too!) around May 9th-10th, and then a final Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 25th!

There are a few blogs that I enjoy reading, that helped me to highlight the self-work needed during those intense weeks:
Diotima blog )Mystic Mama (blog )Wild Woman Sisterhood (blog ) I did different things to celebrate each eclipse, and will have different blog entries for each. But as for the first, I worked with my fellow pagans in Sweat Lodge.*

I had onl…

Sacred Tattoos: a way to honor relationships with Spirits

These past few weeks have been a struggle for me, as I learn the lessons of internal Self-Work, patience, and Trust in the Universe.

I've been re-reading all of my old journals (do you ever do that, readers?), and it has been entertaining! Some of my writing is full of clichés, and it's a bit painful to realize how young and immature and naive I used to be (six - eight years ago)! But I am finding real gems in unexpected places, and I am trying to make all of that learning (and those lessons) more conscious in my mind.

In going through this process (similar to the symbolism inherent in the Hermit card in Tarot, and/or the High Priestess ), my relationship with Artemis has really blossomed.

I first began seeking her out when I started to practice target archery as a sport, and a stress-relief after work:
It took a while for me to understand some of her language in my head, because it sounds so similar to my own voice in my head (a common problem for shamans, tee hee!). But she …

How I learned that I was a "Lonely Coyote"...

The lessons from Sacred Space Conference continue to percolate in my head, but this morning, I wanted to write about the name given to me out of pure inspiration (or perhaps remembered? <-- Coyote winks), Lonely Coyote.

One of the few classes that I attended included a Past Life Regression workshop, given by a dear friend, Elmdea Bean (the last experience I had with past life regressions involved a group of friends from Ohio State's Pagan Student Association, and although I enjoyed the experience, I have forgotten just about everything I was trying to learn!).

There were many of us that arrived for this class, and my inner "Hermione Granger" was very appreciative of the folders with notes, blank papers, and business cards! With all of the Journey Work that I do in shamanism, I figured it would be really easy and simple to just lay back, relax, and float towards different periods in my life. Ha ha ha-- I was wrong! I kept trying to rebel against the format that she pro…

Sacred Space Conference: a Review of Coyote's influence

This past Sacred Space Conference was a complicated jumble of spiritual headspace and social headspace.

Usually, at most pagan workshops/gatherings, I attend each class I can, trying to stuff as much information into my brain as possible (before I have to rejoin the regular world). I find that each conference has a "theme" that is apropos to my life at that moment... This year's theme seemed to be "understanding the 'Lonely' in 'Lonely Coyote'!"

I found that I had very little socialization with others, and seemed to prefer small snippets of interaction, combined with lots of rest and reflection.

I was blessed to be the Travel Hostess to one of the featured presenters, Christopher Penczak, and found him to be a wonderfully grounded and compassionate Soul! Of course, my Kojote car began playing tricks on us as soon as we left the airport (Kojote = "coyote" in German)... I kept getting turned around in DC, not trusting my GPS, and general…

A story of how Coyote tricked the Moon (guest post)