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Healing the anxiety and hypervigilance of PTSD and panic attacks

Over this past weekend, I worked with three different people during Healing Ceremony. One ceremony provided many lessons on how to work with anxiety, grief, and PTSD-like symptoms.

(I am changing the personal details in the following story, to protect anonymity.)

I was contacted by a gentleman who was experiencing great anxiety, ruminating thoughts, and panic attacks. He works in the healthcare field, and recently lost a patient in the Emergency Room. He had to perform CPR, but wasn't able to save the patient.

I immediately felt compassion for the man, as the patient's death obviously affected him in some way. He agreed, but felt that it was only a "surface pain" and that there was something much bigger and more "shadowy" affecting his ability to cope with regular life. He felt that he was "loosing it", because he had such hypervigiliance at work (senses heightened for any crises, always feeling on edge, not being able to calm down, feeling parano…

Working with the Nagas for Healing

I am reading through all of my old journals and notebooks, trying to organize all of the information I've learned in the past 3~4 years. I came across my first journey to meet the wonderful healing spirits, the Nagas (a race of sacred healing snakes).

The Nagas have an incredibly important and sacred role in the universe-- they transmute negative energies into neutral energies.

When Caroline Kenner first introduced my class to these helping spirits, we had discussed some of the difficult practicalities  of Healing. For example, if a shaman has helped remove intrusions and negative "gunk" off of a client, where does it go? How can we safely dispose of it, so it doesn't affect anyone/anything else?

After Journeying to meet the Nagas (see journal entry below), I learned that the Nagas actually "gobble up" intrusions, negative energies, and demonic possessions, and transmute the harmful energies inside of themselves! The energies removed by the shaman and his/h…

Between the Worlds, Part One

A little over a month ago, Assembly of the Sacred Wheel sponsored an incredible magical conference, Between the Worlds;

This advanced conference was so awe-inspiring and profound, it has taken me a full 30+ days to begin integrating the messages from Spirit and the Teachers.

Of the many classes and ritual workshops that I attended, I think that I enjoyed the Plenary Discussions the best. The Assembly has graciously filmed and created mp3 files of the two talks, and I will include links to them here.

The first Plenary Discussion was on Friday morning, and was titled,

"The Turning Of The Ages: What To Keep, What To Throw Away, And How To Decide"

The following Honored Teachers were members of this panel:

Aeptha, of Light Haven

T. Thorn Coyle

Ivo Dominguez, jr.

Katrina Messenger

Sam Webster

and Michael G Smith as moderator. 

If you haven't already watched the panel online (about 1.5 hrs), I would suggest that you find some time (perhaps on a weekend when you don't have any chore…

LATE POST: Ethical Certification for Practitioners

Back in September 2012, I began speaking with a wonderful woman, June Kent, about the possibility of writing shamanic healing/teaching articles for her professional magazine, Indie Shaman. As we discussed it over emails, she wrote about the application process for Certification as an Ethical Practitioner.

I immediately applied, and awaited the interview and investigation process. I am a huge supporter of this major distinction, as there are many many people all over the world who may have been shamanically-trained, but have damaging, judgmental attitudes towards the people they work for, and/or the Spirits they work with. After working in public service/mental health for almost 10 years, I understand the amount of training and experience needed to create a strong, ethical healer. Sadly, not all training programs focus on ethics (thank the Gods that Gryphons Grove does!), and it is up to the shaman him/herself to continually strive for more experiences and better ethical protocols when…