Between the Worlds, Part One

A little over a month ago, Assembly of the Sacred Wheel sponsored an incredible magical conference, Between the Worlds;

(C) ASW 2012
This advanced conference was so awe-inspiring and profound, it has taken me a full 30+ days to begin integrating the messages from Spirit and the Teachers.

Of the many classes and ritual workshops that I attended, I think that I enjoyed the Plenary Discussions the best. The Assembly has graciously filmed and created mp3 files of the two talks, and I will include links to them here.

The first Plenary Discussion was on Friday morning, and was titled,

"The Turning Of The Ages: What To Keep, What To Throw Away, And How To Decide"

The following Honored Teachers were members of this panel:

Aeptha, of Light Haven 

T. Thorn Coyle 

Ivo Dominguez, jr. 

Katrina Messenger 

Sam Webster 

and Michael G Smith as moderator. 

If you haven't already watched the panel online (about 1.5 hrs), I would suggest that you find some time (perhaps on a weekend when you don't have any chores/appts.) and commit yourself to the inspiring messages given through these teachers. They discuss humanity's evolution, and how this past Solstice (of 2012) was such a powerful moment in Time. I know I will be referring back to it over and over again, especially as I don't understand everything that's said until the second or third time around!

Here are some profound quotes, to peak your interest (presenter's names abbreviated & cited next to quote):

  • "It is our duty to bring transmutation and change to everyone, because we are the only ritual tradition in the West who knows how!" (SW)
  • "How can we force a change when we can't change ourselves?" (SW)
  • "You must cross a boundary with Intent and Expectation (be prepared for the consequences)!" (KM)
  • "If you have a plan to break/destroy, then have a plan to create/grow!" (KM)
  • "Focus on safety, but be prepared for Uncomfortable." (KM) 
  • "For those of you in this room, your life's work is about the changing of the Ages." (Ivo)
  • "Breathe in curiosity, and learn how to learn again." (Thorn)
  • "Even the most perfect plans need adjustment." (Ivo)
  • "Magical people have a greater capacity to be Awake and Present in their lives, and not just Fade Out and go on Unconscious Navigation." (Ivo)
  • "Good Errors happen while we are awake, and Bad Errors happen when we are asleep at the wheel!" (Ivo)
  • "It takes a great amount of Awake-ness to remain open and not define ourselves by what we are Not; it leads to greater growth and accountability." (Aeptha)
  • "I am not any of the things I name myself." (SW)
  • "Am I running away from my gifts, or towards them?" (Ivo)
  • "We are not necessarily going to see the End Game of the change we help foster." (Aeptha)
  • "We need to think at the Mythic Level: what will we learn? What is the end result?" (KM)
  • "We need to feel the pain and not get trapped in it!" (Thorn)
And their final words for the new Age:
  • "Make a commitment and stop fucking around!" (Thorn) 
  • "Invoke often!" (SW)
  • "Form spiritual and mundane relationships!" (Ivo)
  • "In the words of Samuel L. Jackson, 'Wake the Fuck Up!' " (KM)
  • "Do the work in all aspects of our lives!" (Aeptha)
Here's the website one more time, to watch the amazing lectures yourselves, and please respond with your own thoughts! What do you think humanity's job is for the next ~2,000- 4,000 years?


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