LATE POST: Ethical Certification for Practitioners

Back in September 2012, I began speaking with a wonderful woman, June Kent, about the possibility of writing shamanic healing/teaching articles for her professional magazine, Indie Shaman. As we discussed it over emails, she wrote about the application process for Certification as an Ethical Practitioner.

I immediately applied, and awaited the interview and investigation process. I am a huge supporter of this major distinction, as there are many many people all over the world who may have been shamanically-trained, but have damaging, judgmental attitudes towards the people they work for, and/or the Spirits they work with. After working in public service/mental health for almost 10 years, I understand the amount of training and experience needed to create a strong, ethical healer. Sadly, not all training programs focus on ethics (thank the Gods that Gryphons Grove does!), and it is up to the shaman him/herself to continually strive for more experiences and better ethical protocols when working for the public & community.

On 12 November 2012, I was given full certification:
I'm not sure yet how to attach Word documents to my blog, so here is the assessment, for those who are interested:


Services available
·         Various shamanic healing and blessings.  Reiki healing

Evidence of Complying with Criteria

1.       To use their skills in the betterment of the individual, the community and the land
·         Certificates displayed on website.  Training sources verified.
·         Master's Degree in Psychology and experience of working in field of mental health (clear information given that not registered in Maryland and therefore does not currently provide counselling services)
·         Good background information given on website including a statement about the importance of ethics

2.       To be honest, open minded, non-judgmental and treat all clients and/or customers with equal respect
·         Confirmed in email 09/11/12

3.       To strive to source and use goods that are produced without the exploitation of other people, animals or the land
·         Confirmed in email 09/11/12

4.       To only charge an appropriate fee and to discuss this fee with the client or customer in advance of any work being undertaken
·         Fees displayed clearly on website

5.       To maintain client confidentiality, unless this is overruled by a child protection issue or vulnerable adult protection issue, in which case to report all suspected such cases to the relevant authority
    Clear information given on website about referring to an appropriate service provider if needed

6.       To not knowingly work with an individual under the age of 18 years without the prior permission of their parent or legal guardian
·       Confirmed in email 09/11/12

7.       To not knowingly work with an individual without their informed consent
·       Confirmed in email 09/11/12

8.       To refer any client to a qualified health professional when appropriate
·       Clear information given on website about referring to an appropriate service provider if needed
·       Medical disclaimer on website


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