Working with the Nagas for Healing

I am reading through all of my old journals and notebooks, trying to organize all of the information I've learned in the past 3~4 years. I came across my first journey to meet the wonderful healing spirits, the Nagas (a race of sacred healing snakes).
Nagas in front of a Thai temple (public domain stock photo)

The Nagas have an incredibly important and sacred role in the universe-- they transmute negative energies into neutral energies.

When Caroline Kenner first introduced my class to these helping spirits, we had discussed some of the difficult practicalities  of Healing. For example, if a shaman has helped remove intrusions and negative "gunk" off of a client, where does it go? How can we safely dispose of it, so it doesn't affect anyone/anything else?

After Journeying to meet the Nagas (see journal entry below), I learned that the Nagas actually "gobble up" intrusions, negative energies, and demonic possessions, and transmute the harmful energies inside of themselves! The energies removed by the shaman and his/her helping spirits can be disposed of quickly, ethically, and in accordance with the purpose of the universe.

I have worked with these beautiful snake spirits for almost two years, and they are extremely helpful for my clients' healings, and my own as well.

Here is a journal entry that I made back in January 2010, of the first time I met the Nagas:

Journey to meet the Nagas (January 2010)

I rattled and Journeyed my way to Coyote, who introduced me to the Nagas, a sacred race of snakes that are extremely important in Transmutation.*  We traveled through water tunnels, land caves, jumped out of cliff towers onto forest floors, and ran to a rock ledge in frozen tundra.
Coyote and I like to run, and it was fun chasing them. Eventually, we caught up with them, and they were dancing and swaying around a fire. I asked if they would like for me to give them rats and mice to eat as offerings, and they very clearly said, “No, that’s more of what our mundane counterparts eat.”  It was the first time (but definitely not the last time) that I heard NO in my mind during a Journey, and I felt a bit silly trying to compare these great spiritual beings with the snakes I see in zoos…
I left Coyote outside, and entered their tunnel into a gigantic cave. The Nagas were very tall (couldn’t even see the tops of their heads or the ends of their bodies until they came down to my face), and completely white (although I may have seen small areas of deep red along the belly and possibly the eyes). We began conversing, and they spoke of how they “Redress the Balance” of the world, and “consume and transmute the Negative.”  I felt like I should stand up at that moment, and the Nagas wrapped themselves around me! Whoa- thankfully I’m not too afraid of snakes!
They looked inside my own body, and actually went inside of me. I could see them eating black gunk on my right knee, inside my uterus, and on my back and shoulders. I thought back to what they told me, and understood that the Nagas were eating the pain, negativity, and spiritual intrusions that had attached themselves to me! These amazing spirits have the ability to ingest intrusions, demons, anxiety, release magical and psychic attack, etc. and it becomes neutral energy inside of their bodies. What a wonderful way for the Universe to transmute this type of energy that is the root of so much pain, distress, and illness!
We worked together to heal a spirit during this Journey, and I also learned that as the Nagas remove and transmute negative energy and intrusions, it is my job as the Shaman to replace the spirit’s and/or person’s energy. Depending on the type of healing needed, I may have to bring the client’s energy back to him/herself first, or s/he may have “side effects” after the Nagas remove intrusions.
Before the end of this lesson, I asked the Nagas, “What type of offering(s) would you enjoy, so that I may honor our relationship?” They responded with, “Blessed and/or Energy-filled water.”  I was instructed that the Nagas are primarily water snakes, and that this type of offering is of most use to them.
I thanked them for their lessons, and for the beginning of our healing relationship. Coyote and I traveled back, and I ended the Journey.

*Q: What is "transmutation"?
A: The name of the process that is used to completely change an "energetic state."  Energy can be positive, neutral, or negative, and all three types have different effects on all three bodies (read my entry on Removing Emotional Pain ).


  1. Hi,
    I hope this is not a repeat posting .. if so, sorry!

    Many, many thanks for sharing this account.
    It has helped me put many things in perspective.
    If you have any other sources I could follow relating to the healing Nagas I would really appreciate it.

    Many thanks & Blessings

  2. I love this story. I want to meet the Nagas!


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