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My own Hawaiian Woodrose Friend!

With regards to my last post, here is a picture of the Hawaiian Woodrose Spirit with whom I am beginning a friendship. She appears to be enjoying the warm, humid days with sunshine, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do when the temperature starts dropping...!
I love her heart-shaped leaves. They are so soft and malleable that I find great healing in sitting with Her after my own heart is a bit too exhausted from working in the mental health field each day. 
I haven't seen any Katydids lately, but I'm sure they are there. 
Stay tuned for further lessons, as we work together for Healing!

Plant Spirit Shamanism: Hawaiian Woodrose

In the past few months, during my Spirit-imposed hiatus from blogging and Healing Ceremonies, I have had a really profound, "HELLOOOOOOOO!" from the Plant Spirits and Mother Earth.

I have been slowly expanding my focus and concentration, and have started to be able to listen to the softer, more subtle voices of plants (as compared to all the animals in my head)! For this playful and distractable Coyote, it has taken a lot of work to be able to Listen and not second-guess what I think I am hearing. There are many numerous books on animal spirits (Animal Speak is a good one, and so is Bird Medicine, by a friend), but not very many on Plants. Or at least not very many in my library at home.

Although I miss the back-and-forth discussion of shamanism classes, I am trying to increase my confidence, and communication, by writing down my UPG insights and comparing them with others via books, Skype, healing ceremonies, etc. later on. Many times, they overlap (upcoming entry on Ogham…

Lonely Coyote emerges from her den!

It's been two months since I've updated this blog. Normally, I'd feel a bit guilty about that, but during those months, I have gone through some pretty profound self-healing.

I've gone through one of the many Long, Dark Nights of the Soul.

I've questioned my senses, forgotten and re-learned my experiences, taken a leap of Faith, focused on mixing my Spirituality with my Mundane job (until they are completely intertwined!), increased my awareness, set up strong Boundaries (so that I am able to ground my energy better), and really learned to Trust My Instincts!

Now that I'm starting to re-emerge, I feel as though I am ready to put more work into my Spiritual Relationships. Talking to different spirits in my head is all well and good, but they like a visit every now and again, too!

I am also trying very hard to reduce my anxiety about explaining to others, in a logical way, about the imagery and symbols during appointments. I need to focus more on the lesson, and…