Lonely Coyote emerges from her den!

(photo taken at Smithsonian in DC by me)
It's been two months since I've updated this blog. Normally, I'd feel a bit guilty about that, but during those months, I have gone through some pretty profound self-healing.

I've gone through one of the many Long, Dark Nights of the Soul.

I've questioned my senses, forgotten and re-learned my experiences, taken a leap of Faith, focused on mixing my Spirituality with my Mundane job (until they are completely intertwined!), increased my awareness, set up strong Boundaries (so that I am able to ground my energy better), and really learned to Trust My Instincts!

Now that I'm starting to re-emerge, I feel as though I am ready to put more work into my Spiritual Relationships. Talking to different spirits in my head is all well and good, but they like a visit every now and again, too!

I am also trying very hard to reduce my anxiety about explaining to others, in a logical way, about the imagery and symbols during appointments. I need to focus more on the lesson, and less on the wacky ways that Spirits got me there. Even among groups of healers, we don't "see" things the same way, but we all work hard to help Spirits help our clients!

I look forward to updating regularly again, and describing more lessons of spiritual expansion and silliness!


  1. So glad to see your post. Gotta love those dark nights of the soul, they are so juicy....kinda scary too, at times. Maybe Changing Woman was asking you to look so deep to make those changes in your professional life? I did a complete 180 in regards to a path i kept trying to avoid because i thought going down that path was just a safety net kind of thing rather than going into completely new territory. Turns out, it is the correct path...or at least one of them! ;-)

    Blessed be!

    1. Oh! What great words-- Changing Woman appeared to me in a dream a while back, and I forgot about it!

      Seems like a journey is needed...


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