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House Clearings & House Blessings: Big, Major Work in Shamanic Headspace!

Over the past few months, I have worked with many wonderful people on House Clearings/Blessings. I've noticed an interesting surge in these type of requests around the beginning of Fall, to coincide with "Back to School" season. In my Coyote-Brain, this time of year was always easiest to clear away clutter and make new goals (at least compared with New Year's Day, which reminded me of vacation, not resolutions!).

I often get asked numerous questions about House Clearings (what are they? how do they help? what is the process? how much? etc.), and felt that it would be wise to put everything in an entry for future discussion (tiny blip here from a year ago):

"What is a House Clearing/House Blessing? Is there a difference between the two?"
A House Clearing is a type of shamanic healing for a building/structure. Many of us live, work, play, and socialize in buildings that are not new, and have history in them. In my philosophy, humans leave energetic imprints …