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Completed my Certification!

I work two different but complementary jobs; psychiatric rehabilitation and shamanic healing. My ongoing lessons from both Coyote and Bear involve seamlessly inter-weaving the philosophies of both, and providing as much excellent and empowering healing that I can.

Many of my clients go through devastating crises, and I am always trying to juggle different counseling techniques, passive energy supports for the environment, prayer, laughter, and heart-centered love. This mix of spiritual healing and mental healing is very important to me, as I love the work that I do (for both therapeutic clients and shamanic clients)!

Recently, I passed a very important certification for work. I am so happy that I found the capacity to study and convey the work that I do in an effective and ethical way! So, even though this certification announcement is important for my job, I am including it here because it helps inform the work that I do for spiritual clients:
"Congratulations to Lonely Coyote fo…