Completed my Certification!

I work two different but complementary jobs; psychiatric rehabilitation and shamanic healing. My ongoing lessons from both Coyote and Bear involve seamlessly inter-weaving the philosophies of both, and providing as much excellent and empowering healing that I can.

Many of my clients go through devastating crises, and I am always trying to juggle different counseling techniques, passive energy supports for the environment, prayer, laughter, and heart-centered love. This mix of spiritual healing and mental healing is very important to me, as I love the work that I do (for both therapeutic clients and shamanic clients)!

Recently, I passed a very important certification for work. I am so happy that I found the capacity to study and convey the work that I do in an effective and ethical way! So, even though this certification announcement is important for my job, I am including it here because it helps inform the work that I do for spiritual clients:
"Congratulations to Lonely Coyote for recently achieving her Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP) designation! The Certification Commission, on behalf of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA), is the exclusive credentialing body of the CPRP designation and has developed and administers the certification exam to advance the availability and practice of quality psychiatric rehabilitation services.To sit for the exam, candidates must meet rigorous eligibility criteria based on level of formal education, employment experience, and continuing education.
 Obtaining the CPRP designation demonstrates Lonely Coyote's dedication to and current competence in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation. More than any other credential or degree, the CPRP signifies a deep commitment to the principles of person-centered recovery that form the core of the psychiatric rehabilitation ethos. Earning the degree also reflects  Lonely Coyote's compassion for the persons under their care and a commitment to their dignity and maximum recovery.

On a global scale, the CPRP increases cooperation between like-minded organizations and professions, and provides a means to establish and enforce an ethical code. The exam provides avenues for psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners from a wide variety of educational backgrounds to become certified and is unique in the mental health profession – the CPRP is the only credential available to practitioners who may have completed a post-secondary academic program.

We applaud Lonely Coyote's efforts."


  1. Colleen (Whispering Wolf)October 9, 2013 at 4:55 PM

    Congratulations!!! Huge achievement and will take you far in your chosen professions. I think shamanic work is absolutely crucial to helping those with psychiatric disorders and addictions. One cannot completely heal until that energy imprint is pulled out and disposed of, otherwise it just keeps recycling itself.


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