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Sneaky Coyote!

It is so extremely difficult to find images of Coyote on clothing & Knicks-knacks. It is almost always wolves, or dogs, which aren't quite the same energy. With my birthday recently passing on the 19th of November, I closed my eyes, settled my mind, and began Hunting through the internet.
Coyote is elusive, and giggled at me at each website. Images were close, but not quite right... Finally, I stop looking; tired of loosing the Game. Of course, that's when His ears pop up, and he gives me a Look:

Yes! Perfect!

LATE POST: End of Life issues

It has been a rough month.

One of my clients*, who was diagnosed with a fast-moving terminal illness, has had some difficulty working through his acceptance of the end of his life.

Even though I have had numerous trainings in Grief Counseling, Palliative Care, Soul Retrieval, and Psychopomp work, I am struggling with my dual role as his primary counselor and his Universe-Appointed healer.

My overarching goal is to help him die gracefully, in the way that he wants, with any (or no) pomp and circumstance. There have been some close calls at hospitals, and even some near-death moments.

He self-identifies as Roman Catholic, and has slightly increased his spirituality and prayer, as priests have visited his bedside.

With this in mind, I have tried to work within his own religious paradigm for healing. However, my greatest fear is that he will die without preparing his Soul for its Journey.

In working as a shamanic healer, I have spent numerous Journeys doing Psychopomp work for homes, buil…