Upcoming Shamanic Healing Ceremony (local to DC, Maryland, and Virginia!)

Hello to you all!
I haven't spoken to many of you in the past few months, so I hope that this post finds you all healthy and happy. I am updating this blog to inform you all of a large Shamanic Healing Ceremony that will take place in the new year, on January 5th.
Here are the details:
My teacher, Caroline Kenner is organizing a group Healing Ceremony at the Blueberry Gardens in Ashton, Maryland. I will be there, along with my fellow healers Christian Stone (of Central Maryland Pagans) and Niall Sheehan (amazing acupuncturist in Laurel). Other graduates of Gryphons Grove will also be in attendance, providing support and healing energies.
The doors will open at 10:30am, with greetings and scheduling starting around 11am. The Healing Ceremony itself will begin at 11:30am (song will be sung at that time, don't be late!). Myself and the other healers will work until around 2pm, and then we will share a meal and discuss the different healings and imagery (of course, specific details will remain confidential, to protect your privacy). The ceremony will end around 4pm.
The charge for attending the Healing Ceremony and receiving a healing will be on a sliding scale of $75.00 to $100.00. This is quite affordable, compared to normal rates, and you will receive the benefit of many healers and many years of experience! For those interested, please leave a comment or send an email and I can send you the specific link to the PayPal account (payment in advance is required for this event, as it can fill up fast!).
While you are waiting for your specific appointment, you will receive subtle but powerful benefits from a large crystal grid that will be set up in the main Octagon Room to strengthen and empower the healing ceremony. There will also be lots of singing, crystal and Tibetan bowls, Native flutes, and other sacred music.
If you attend, please bring a chair or mat to sit on (Blueberry Gardens has some Yoga mats, but not enough for all), lunch for yourself, any food/drink that you would like to share with others, and a notebook to take notes from the Spirits.
I hope that this post inspires many of you to seek healing, and if you have a schedule conflict, please email me and we can work together privately in my Healing Room in Baltimore (or via Skype).
Hugs and well-wishes to you all,
Monika Lonely Coyote


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