Sacred Space Conference: a great opportunity for spiritual learning!

One of my absolute favorite Spirituality Conferences is the Sacred Space Conference, held every year in the Laurel, MD area, near then end of winter.

This conference is very special, in that it is one of the only conferences on the East Coast of the United States that is geared toward Intermediate-to-Advanced "seekers of knowledge." It also has a heavy shamanic-focus, with numerous rituals, classes, and dances to increase everyone's relationship to Spirits.

This will be my fourth year attending, and my second year presenting. Last year I presented on the similarities & differences between Spiritual Experiences and Mental Illness. This year, I am putting together a presentation on the Old Man Himself, Coyote:
  • Healing through Laughter: An Introduction to Coyote – Monika Lonely Coyote: Coyote has been called many things during his countless years in the Americas; Trickster, Foolish One, Distraction, Ruiner, etc. Very few know of him as Healer. In this workshop, attendees will be presented with a few different perspectives on Coyote, and his greatest healing tool, Laughter. Attendees will also have an opportunity to talk with the Man Himself, during a guided Journey, and discover the power of Self-Healing within foolish pranks!
 I work with Coyote almost daily in my work in psychiatric rehabilitation, and so He's taught me so many different ways that Tricks and Laughter can spark motivation towards Healing of one's Soul.

I can't wait to teach others about His amazing love for humanity, and I can't wait to see many of you at this conference!


  1. Looking forward to your post telling us all about it.:i)


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