New Moon in Aries-- time for a Spiritual Retreat!

From Sylvia Brailler's Events Page

I am going on an Adventure!

The first of April 2014, I will be flying into Mexico for a week-long Spiritual Retreat.

I first worked with Sylvia back in ~Summer 2009, at Free Spirit Gathering. She gave numerous workshops, and really helped me to kick-start my own personal Spiritual Path with confidence and compassion. Since that summer, I have tried very hard to make my way to any Workshop or Conference offering that she does, but numerous things would block it (timing was off, didn't have vacation time available at work, no extra $$ funds, previous commitments, etc.).

For the first time in +6 years, ever possible obstacle has melted away... Each new synchronicity has highlighted the fact that I NEED this Spiritual Retreat time, and that my Spirits are helping me to get there. I was able to use Tax Refund $ for the cost, my Passport renewed in only 11 days, and I was granted the time off of work!

I am truly excited for this opportunity, and can't wait for this experience. I'm hoping to connect with new & different Land Spirits, Ancestors, God/dess, and perhaps find materials for a new rattle (mine is starting to leak dried corn, sand, and stones-- I think it wants to retire!).

With snow falling AGAIN in Baltimore, I am in desperate need of Vitamin D. And sunshine. And a break from all of my routines and care-giving of patients.

I will return on April 8th: renewed, recharged, filled with Spiritual Upgrades (ha!), and ready for a season of Teaching, Conferences, and Workshops. Can't wait!


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