Sacred Space 2014-- Saturday and Sunday

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Oh man, that Conjure Dance wiped me out! Trying to have the stamina to dance for a solid 3 1/2 hours has shown me that I may be fit, but I am still older than I think--oof! 

My calf muscles burned the entire day, and I learned that even though I dance often, when I dance for Spirits, I am on my tip-toes, using muscles that rarely get used!

I had every intention of attending Maggi Setti's "Shadow of the Tarot" (ugh, same as yesterday), but I could not move out of that bed...blargh. I was actually annoyed with my body, as I've tried to attend one of Maggi's workshops/rituals for the past two years (she's an amazing ritualist!). Soon--sheesh!

Another hot shower and a solitary lunch (needed the alone-time to get back to myself), and I was starting to feel more human (and less canine). I barely made it on time to Orion Foxwood's workshop, "Introduction to Appalachian Conjure & Southern Rootwork."  Orion is a wonderfully engaging presenter, and his style of teaching was very inclusive and genuine. He was filled with both stories and lecture, and I enjoyed his presentation immensely. Sadly, the type of magic didn't seem to resonate with me on a personal level (even with the shamanistic elements), although I loved learning about the culture (and it connected to some of my ancestors in the Maryland/Virginia area).

After his workshop, I headed back to my room for a needed lie-down & nap. My body was grateful, but I couldn't relax my brain in order to fully fall asleep. I decided to head back downstairs to the Healer's Room, for acupuncture.

I've written about this practitioner before, and absolutely love working with him for my own healing. I was able to relax much more deeply, and align my spiritual bodies (see previous post) in order to continue absorbing knowledge within this conference. When I felt more human, I headed back to the Vendor's Room, for more "grounding through shopping" and to get an Oracle Reading. I also socialized with more friends, and that seemed to be the best thing to make me feel like myself again.

For the evening, I wanted to bounce between the Spirits of Healing ritual and the Party in the Ballroom. I dressed up and wore some of my favorite jewelry, and headed to UToS first. I was going to invite Eagle as a spirit of Healing, as Coyote got a full two days of fun this conference (Thursday presentation and Friday Conjure Dance). Funny enough, other participants invited Coyote, and invited him THREE DIFFERENT TIMES! Ha ha ha-- it's not just me!

It was difficult to dance at the Ritual and the Party, but I tried. I had more fun stealing small pieces of cheese and eating them while going back and forth between the two rooms (tee hee). Coyote also had some fun in Tricking high school soccer players (and their parents) into visiting the Trance Possession ritual (and in typical Coyote-fashion, they learned something and enjoyed it!). But the most fun was standing on a chair and encouraging participants to head to the Executive Suite for Good Conversation (at the end of the party & ritual). I split a bottle of mead with my dear Druids and we talked until the late late hours of night.


Oh gods.

Oh gods, I needed coffee.

I set three different alarms in order to eat breakfast within the hotel and make it to Selena Fox's Ancestors Ritual.

Ancestors Altar
Again, I wanted to be in two places at once (there was a workshop on the Picts--awww!), but this coincided with my "mythic theme" for the conference.

It was a very beautiful ceremony, and further cemented the connection that I felt when I fully opened and understood the power of the Ancestors Chakra (during Katrina's ritual). Selena was very open about her practice, the meaning of the ritual, and answered all questions that we had about increasing the Ancestors connection in our own lives. I really had fun at this ritual.

Selena Fox & Lonely Coyote
But as you can see from this picture, I was fried. I attended more rituals than workshops this Sacred Space, and my mind was reeling from the "spiritual upgrades." 

I packed up my room, did some final shopping in the Vendor's Area for family, made a few quick goodbyes, and drove home. I was exhausted.

This is always one of my favorite conferences, and it is sorely needed after a long winter (and this winter is Still Going). I hope that my blog articles inspire you to attend next year, as it is combined with Between the Worlds, 2015, which is very exciting!

What are your Sacred Space memories?


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