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A Review of the Mexico Recharge & Renew Retreat with Sylvia Brallier

Eso fue un viaje increíble!
I am still processing the awe-inspiring, life-changing, and blockage-releasing trip that was Mexico. And I am still integrating and incorporating the spiritual "upgrades" and "initiations" received there.

The Recharge & Renew Retreat (say that three times fast!) began on April Fool's Day, a perfect day to release all preconceived notions, drama, work-stuff, and just Trust. In fact, I had a huge amount of traffic on my way down to BWI, which really made me feel like the Fool trusting in the leap off of the cliff (in Tarot)!

Upon arriving at the airport in Cancún, I immediately felt that shiver up the spine that let me know that This Trip was going to be both a balm to my damaged Spirit (see previous post) and an Inspiration to begin my daily self-healing and energy practices again.

The location that Sylvia picked was heavenly: right on the turquoise blue ocean, with a pool, laundry facilities, private rooms, and gourmet vegan meal…

A visit from Flamingo in Puerto Morales

Each morning, Sylvia Brailler has worked with my travel group on Meditation, Breathwork, Visualization, and Shamanic Journeying. During today's Morning Meditation, I was visited by my dear Helping Spirit, Flamingo.
She appeared right out of my Third Eye, blinked her eye, and then fleshed out her feather-body. I gave her a hug, and off we flew to the heavens. 
We kept climbing higher and higher, above the earth and into the stars. As we continued to fly up, I saw the Earth, and I saw all gods from all pantheons surrounding the earth to assist and facilitate healing. 
We reached our dizzying height, and I looked down and saw many numerous pinpricks of gold light on the surface of the Earth. Flamingo spoke of how each point of gold light was a Soul that was working magic to better themselves and the whole of humanity. She also stated that each golden Soul was working on the over-arching Shadow form of humanity (corporate greed, pollution, Ego, etc.). 
As I continued to look, the gods tha…

Mayan Healing of my Spirit in Mexico

Mexico is amazing.
The above picture is the view outside my window. Each night, I watch the moon & stars, fall asleep to the powerful waves, and then wake up to stunning sunrises.
This is exactly what my Soul has needed for many many months.
There is an excellent balance of Free Time and Spiritual Excursions, which leaves plenty of time for integration of lessons. We have worked with many Mayan concepts (in astrology, I am a "4 Keij", which means I am super-elemental!), and the Morning Meditations help me to remember that I am in paradise, and not work.
My visit to Coba and the Honeybee God deserves it's own entry (with pictures), so I will not go into too many details here. But the overarching Spirit of the trip so far seems to be Vulture (themes of transformation, Death, transfiguration, sustenance).
I return to normality on Tuesday, and then back to work life on Wednesday. I hope to take these lessons with me to my bones, so I can continue to honor myself and provide h…