A visit from Flamingo in Puerto Morales

Each morning, Sylvia Brailler has worked with my travel group on Meditation, Breathwork, Visualization, and Shamanic Journeying. During today's Morning Meditation, I was visited by my dear Helping Spirit, Flamingo.

She appeared right out of my Third Eye, blinked her eye, and then fleshed out her feather-body. I gave her a hug, and off we flew to the heavens. 

We kept climbing higher and higher, above the earth and into the stars. As we continued to fly up, I saw the Earth, and I saw all gods from all pantheons surrounding the earth to assist and facilitate healing. 

We reached our dizzying height, and I looked down and saw many numerous pinpricks of gold light on the surface of the Earth. Flamingo spoke of how each point of gold light was a Soul that was working magic to better themselves and the whole of humanity. She also stated that each golden Soul was working on the over-arching Shadow form of humanity (corporate greed, pollution, Ego, etc.). 

As I continued to look, the gods that were working on healing the Earth turned to me, and used their hands to give me Healing Light and Love! It felt incredible.

Very quickly, the gigantic world images were too big for my brain to contain, so we flew back down to Earth and just hugged. 

This Journey was important to me, because it made me feel that anytime I became overwhelmed by the insanity of American society, or the lack of compassion in others, I could remember these images and still feel like I was doing something to help the world.


  1. Thank you for this. I can only hope that I am one of those gold pinpricks of light you saw. I, too, get overwhelmed and discouraged with the state of our society, the collective corporate soul that is trying to undermine EVERY thing, the general apathy. You have given me a beautiful visual to help buoy my own spirit when it starts to flag and feel small and insignificant. Blessings to you!

    1. Thanks darling! It was a great visual, and helped me as I felt that the overwhelming Thought-Form of our culture was too big to heal... :(


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