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Upcoming Crystal Healing Classes in Ashton, Maryland

Are you interested in learning about crystals, stones, gems, and shamanic healing?

Both myself  and Caroline Kenner (my former teacher) will be teaching together, the first Sunday of each month, at the wonderful Blueberry Gardens center. These classes will focus on different types of healing, and will build upon each other for both healing and learning. The first class is This Sunday, June 1st, from 11am to ~4pm.

Here is the website, on my "alma mater" webpage: Info About Crystal Healing

Many have asked if the classes can be taken separately, or only attend the classes that one wants to/feels drawn to. That's just fine :) 

I'm looking forward to these classes immensely, and I am really looking forward to meeting new people interested in this type of work. Will I see you this Sunday?

If you can't make it, another Large Public Healing Ceremony will take place on Sunday, June 22nd (stay tuned for details)!

Honoring the Spirits of Place in Nature (or, Finding your own Sanctuary)

Ahhhh I love this weather!

The past few weeks has been sunny, not too hot or humid, and cool breezes. Sometimes those breezes bring pollen, but everything is very welcome after the long Winter. It was the perfect type of weather for the PanDruid Retreat.
As I've written before, the Land that the retreat is held on is full of Spirits, full of healing, and full of sacredness. However, this year, the Land continued a deep and profound conversation with the Druids on how it wishes to be honored back (with offerings & sacrifice (ghosti, not animal/human sacrifice!)). This honoring of the relationship between the Land Spirits and us humans that live on the Land is extremely important, and continues to fade away as we evolve in a capitalist society (discussion for a different time). 
The amazing John Beckett (named one of the 10 most important Druids!) wrote an excellent blog article regarding the weekend (with pictures!), so I will not re-create it here. I will be writing about the …

Pan Druid Retreat this Weekend!

Ever since my return from Mexico, I have been very busy with shamanic appointments every single weekend. My practice has exploded, and I've even gone INTERNATIONAL! Yay!

I love being able to bring the healing modalities that I experienced to my clients, and I am happy that I am able to work with such a diverse group of people.

But it's time for a mini-break :)

This weekend is the Pan Druid Retreat in Virginia. It is held from Thursday to Sunday, and I will be co-presenting with other panelists on "Approaching the Sacred through the Otherworld."

The secret blessing of this weekend is the amazing conversations that occur over the meals, as well as the incredible Land Spirits.

This retreat is located in Gore, Virginia, at the Land Celebration. The caretaker is a deeply spiritual woman, and has created little altars, meditation nooks, treehouses, and other secret hideaways on her large property. This makes it very easy to work with the Nature Spirits for healing of one&#…