Group Healing Ceremony on Sunday June 22nd!

Hello dear readers!

I've worked with many of you for Healing, and I wanted to inform you of a great opportunity in a few weeks.

On Sunday, June 22nd, I and my fellow Healers will be hosting and facilitating a giant Group Healing Ceremony (similar to this one back in January 2014).

This ceremony is incredible-- a large Crystal Grid is created in the center of an Octagon Room, and each participant brings a camp chair or a mat to sit on (around the center grid). There are between 3-5 healers, and we each work our way around the room, singing songs, performing Soul Retrieval, Chakra Alignments, Energetic "Tune Ups,"  and Intrusion Removal. Each participant is seen by at least 3 healers, if not more.

After ~2.5 hours of healing, it's time to EAT!

Both participants and Healers scarf down food, chat, mingle, and try to process the amazing work that just happened. Stories are shared, and everyone is supported in the work.

Sound amazing? Want to join us?

Please email either me (LonelyCoyote@healingcoyote "dot" com) or Caroline Kenner (mythkenner@aol "dot" com) and we can give you instructions.

This is a first-come, first served Healing Ceremony, and we have to close registrations at ~30 participants.

If you have a PayPal account, you can secure your reservation with a payment of $100 to  (you will need to login to PayPal and click on "Send Money" to send a payment to that email address)!

Different healers charge a range of fees for different spiritual services, and the $100 is a flat fee for admission. You will have the benefit of a whole rainbow of crystals & stones, and healing from at least three different healers, gifted in working within the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms of healing!

I look forward to working with all of you soon!



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