Healing the Lower Three Chakras (Upcoming Crystal Healing Class)

The next Crystal Healing class is on Sunday, July 6th (from 11am to 4pm).

In the classical 7-chakra system, the first three chakras are the Root, the Sacral, and the Power (solar plexus) chakras.

In working with all the chakras of the body, these three are the ones that usually have the most energy blockages (both self-imposed and from growing up in general American capitalist society).

(from a Ritual to Heal the Lower Chakras, Sacred Space 2014)
There are many numerous websites, books, lectures, etc. given on the Chakra system, and I encourage you to explore them for your own knowledge. But here's a few notes on what I have learned about them during Healing Appointments: 

  • This chakra, located around the base of the spine, usually spins with a bright, deep red color. It is responsible for one's connection to the Earth, to Society at large, and to Family and Community. "Connection" is the buzzword that I usually associate with this chakra.
  • Blockages in this chakra directly affect the entire Energetic Body, and especially the chakra "tube" itself along the spine. If you have blockages here, your whole system can be thrown out of alignment.
  • This chakra, located just above the sexual organs (located just below the hips in the center of the body, similar to the Dahn Jon area), spins with a beautiful sunset-orange color. It is responsible for the physical characteristics of sex and pleasure, as well as creativity, childbirth/rearing, and "what one puts out into the world that will survive beyond death."
  • Blockages in this chakra affect one's comfortability with pleasure/passion, out-of-the-box thinking, pregnancy issues, physical issues with secondary sex characteristics, and "giving birth to something in the physical world" (whether it's a child, a book, art, photography, journals, etc.).
  • The power/solar plexus chakra is located near the sternum, and also sort of near the diaphragm muscles (the ones that power your lungs when you sing). It spins with a bright sunny yellow, and I've learned that Sulphur crystals have the closest approximation to the color. 
  • It is responsible for one's Personal Power (in relationships, in work settings, in Society, etc.) and it is usually strong in those that work with Trickster Energies (persons who are not afraid to be embarrassed and/or laugh at themselves, no matter how serious/important the situation). This chakra is also responsible for effective and strong boundaries when engaging in any sort of exchange with another person or entity.
  • Sadly, it is the one most often attacked by others because of Envy, Jealousy, Hatred, Privilege, and self-inflicted feelings of negativity and despair.

These chakras are the foundation of a Healthy Energetic Body, and can be the foundation of a healthy physical body.

If you are interested in Healing these particular chakras, please attend the next Healing Ceremony on July 6th, from 11am - 4pm, in Ashton, MD (located near Silver Spring, MD). The cost is only $40 for the full five-hour ceremony & class, and the benefits are substantial.

Looking forward to meeting you there!


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