Offerings to the Kindred in the 21st Century

As I grow in my Shamanic Practice, with Teaching, Conference Workshops, and Group and Individual Healings, I reflect back, and give thanks to my Community and my Kindred.

One of my favorite ways to "give thanks" is by making offerings.

A really wise friend spoke about how Energy follows where money is spent (I'm paraphrasing of course). Really great offerings can be created from something in Nature, food & drink, arts & crafts, Poems, Songs, etc. However, for those of us whose creativity manifests in a different way, or serious time constraints, there are Donations as Offerings!

For my Kindred, I follow a Druid Path, and honor the Ancestors, the Nature Spirits/Spirits of Place, and the Shining Ones (deities).

Nature Spirits/Spirits of Place:

I enjoy certain Non-Profit Organizations, such as the Ocean Conservancythe Sierra Clubthe Nature Conservancy, and others. I set up a monthly donation, and dedicate it to the Spirits.


I enjoy the "Silent Suppers" on different Holidays, and mostly honor Them with food and drink (because The remember the taste and the smell of it). However, I do enjoy giving offerings to "future Ancestors" such as So Others May Eat and Meals on Wheels. I try to focus on local Non-Profit groups, rather than all of the millions of people in need across the world, because I work for my Community (both in public service and shamanism) here in Maryland. And I would quickly become burned out trying to care and donate to all of those in need (in a perfect world, everyone would donate back to their communities, and it would take care of itself).

Gods & Goddesses:

Many deities are interested in working with humans, increasing relationships, and having Their stories told (via myths, books, blogs, etc). The New Alexandrian Library is a massive undertaking by the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel to create a fully-functioning pagan library. What a wonderful way to honor the deities!

How do you give offerings? Are you crafty, or do you prefer donation offerings? By making certain monthly bills "spiritual" does it make it easier to pay them/make them a priority?


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