29 August, 2014

Next Healing Crystal Ceremony

On September 7th (a little over a week from now), myself and Caroline Kenner will be presenting the next Crystal Healing Ceremony in Ashton, Maryland.

The topic for this ceremony is Psychic Protection and Healing.

Psychic protection has many uses in ritual context, but I'd like to discusses its uses in everyday, practical life. Protection is needed to help one maintain boundaries at work, home life, social gatherings, etc. Psychic attack can come in many forms, both aggressive, passive-aggressive, and unintentional.
  • Aggressive-- this type of psychic attack comes from nasty coworkers, angry partners during arguments, etc. A person who uses this type of attack is specifically trying to hurt another by his/her words, actions, or games.
  • Passive-Aggressive-- this type of psychic attack is a bit more subtle, but quite nasty. People fall under this attack when they are the subject of gossip at school/work, unclear demands from others, or being near persons with terrible boundaries (yelling and screaming one minute, and then all happy smiles and jokes the next).
  • Unintentional-- this type of attack is quite tricky, and has to do with thought-forms.*  Sometimes, a person can be under a type of psychic attack if others do not understand him/her, and so the "idea" and "perception" and "stereotype" about another person is so strong that it prevents people from seeing who s/he really is. An example of this is when families, who have not seen members in many months/years, treat them by the same negative impressions of who they were as children, and not who they are now as adults.
With all that we have to do to maintain our place in American society, we are under constant pressure to maintain our own boundaries of who we are, even if we aren't under constant psychic attack.

One of the greatest stones that can assist with this is Nuummite.
Nuummite Stone
Nuummite's greatest healing property is that it can act like an auric shield, to protect oneself from his/her environment and to help maintain the boundaries of one's own energy. I use this stone in each Healing Appointment, and it always features heavily at each Grand Healing Ceremony.

What are your favorite protection stones?

*Thought Forms: a descriptive characteristic used in magickal/spiritual circles, to denote the presence of energies that build up over time (due to the constant presence of humanity's thoughts and feelings about an object or idea). For example, the thought-form/energy surrounding a doctor's office should be one of healing and comfort and reduction of pain. For more information, please read Ivo's book, Spirit Speak.

16 August, 2014

Lonely Coyote in Ritual Dress

Although I am involved in numerous pagan events and shamanic ceremonies, I rarely have my photograph taken in Ritual Dress.

I love the smirk on my face!

Thanks for the photo, Thea!

15 August, 2014

Offerings of BACON

Last week, Caroline and I worked together to perform a Healing Ceremony for the local Baltimore area, hosted by the wonderful Druids at Cedar Light Grove, ADF.

After packing up Caroline's car, we began the drive to Baltimore City. Driving through both DC and Baltimore traffic, on a Friday, before a gorgeous beach weekend... needless to say, we were quite bushed when we arrived. We guzzled lots of water, and the air-conditioning felt marvelous. Of course, as we unpacked the stones and crystal, our energy levels returned, and we were ready to Work.

The ceremony lasted about 2 1/2 hours (or 3; not sure, as time gets wonky in Spiritual Headspace). At the end, both Caroline and I were Starving (lots of energy expenditure in Healing Ceremonies, and I don't just mean drumming, rattling, singing, and dancing)! We both work with many predator-type Spirits, and a combination of protein & fat (usually in the form of meat) is the immediate craving we share.

Upon running to the Kitchen, I see the most beautiful sight:

BACON! Bacon everywhere! So much salty deliciousness! I yipped and howled in Joy, and scarfed down two pieces immediately. Once my tummy started to relax, I carried many pieces to Caroline. We were silent as we inhaled the aroma and savored each crunch....aaaahhhhhhhhh.

Both Caroline and I (and our many Spirits) were very thankful for that glorious offering, and it helped us power through the long drive back to southern Maryland.

Hail the Mighty Druids and their Offerings!

08 August, 2014

Returning a Soul's "Much-ness"

I had the wonderful delight of working with a dear friend for healing and Soul Retrieval the other evening, and I discovered that the Spirits can sometimes use gaming references, fictional characters, and movie lines to get their point across!

One of the most interesting philosophies about Soul Retrieval is that sometimes, a Soul can "hang out" with other Souls in the Otherworld, and miss its chance to be born into a new body.

The cartoon-like image that popped into my head for this was a Soul drinking with Soul-Friends at a Lounge-y Type bar, and checking its watch and thinking, "Oh damn, I'm late!" It flies through the air to make it to hospital, just in time to watch the birth of a new baby, and "missing its chance" by mere seconds (sort of like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland). <-- This is not to imply that the baby is born without a Soul, it just is missing an additional "layer" that had made the agreement to be born into a certain lifetime. Us humans are comprised of numerous layers of Soul, that have all lived numerous lifetimes!

As I told my friend this story, we giggled, and compared it with some of the interesting facts about my friend's own birth.

Upon returning this Soul Essence to her, she described feeling a weird sensation of being "full" and "filled up." I asked the Soul layer about the gifts that it was retuning to her, and it replied, "I am bringing back more of her much-ness!" (Another Alice in Wonderland reference, yes!)

This particular Soul layer had been waiting to rejoin her whole life, and the connection that I saw in my brain was complete and immeditate. By receiving more of "herself" into herself, she know had more RAM and room available for "spiritual software upgrades."

It was beautiful, joyful, and a bit silly, and I am so happy that the Spirits helped with this! 

05 August, 2014

Full Time Shamanism!

I did it, I made the leap, I made the sacrifice.

I am now a full-time shamanic healer! Wahoo!

It perfectly coincided with Lughnasadh on August 1st, and I have used this past weekend for my own Self-Healing (internal Journey work, wonderful acupuncture treatments, ritual, etc.).

I look forward to working with the greater public for shamanic healing, and to help instill Joy and Laughter to those in need!

(I've had terrible HTML issues with my calendar, but I hope to make it work soon. Please check back for upcoming Healing Ceremonies, Shamanic Workshops, Conferences, etc!)

We are ready for Healing!

03 August, 2014

Funny moments in the realm of Ritual

Or, how Artemis gets my attention when I forgot about Her

This past Saturday, August 2nd, I celebrated with dear friends and loves ones at a UToS Ritual for the Spirits of Cleansing/Purifying.

There are three main pagan groups that I join with for ritual celebration of the Gods/Goddesses, and they are Cedar Light Grove, ADF (Druidry), Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag, ASW (Wiccan), and Universal Temple of Spirits (Celebratory).

During the preparation for the ritual dancing, feasting, and merriment, the host brought out archery tools for us to play with/shoot. Crossbows, Compound Bows, Recurve bows, and one lovely person brought a gorgeous Korean-style bow. I was incredibly happy to play, but alas, all the bows were for right-handed archers (and I am a left-handed archer). Hilarity ensued as I attempted to shoot right-handed bows with my left hand!

The beautiful Korean-style bow was created with no arrow-rest, and so it could be used by either righty or lefty (see images here). I had the most accurate aim with that bow, and so I picked up a wooden arrow, nocked it, drew back, and released "off the hand".

I hit the target, but not without gouging out a chunk of skin and receiving a large splinter!

The splinter was the size of the entire cut! Ack!
Thankfully, it didn't bleed too much, but I could not figure out why I received such a bad wound! I had worked with Artemis the previous Monday (at the Baltimore Bowmen 3-D shoot), and wondered if it was because I had not "invited" her to the current ritual (I had hoped to work with both Freya and Lugh, but maybe she felt excluded??). She kept mum, and the night progressed.

Upon returning home, and unpacking my purse (with all of my Spiritual Jewelry), I realized that I had worn numerous sacred necklaces, but left hers hanging in my Healing Room! No wonder she was upset with me-- I didn't even realize it until I went to put my sacred necklaces back! Ha!

How have Spirits gotten your attention when you've forgotten something important??