Funny moments in the realm of Ritual

Or, how Artemis gets my attention when I forgot about Her

This past Saturday, August 2nd, I celebrated with dear friends and loves ones at a UToS Ritual for the Spirits of Cleansing/Purifying.

There are three main pagan groups that I join with for ritual celebration of the Gods/Goddesses, and they are Cedar Light Grove, ADF (Druidry), Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag, ASW (Wiccan), and Universal Temple of Spirits (Celebratory).

During the preparation for the ritual dancing, feasting, and merriment, the host brought out archery tools for us to play with/shoot. Crossbows, Compound Bows, Recurve bows, and one lovely person brought a gorgeous Korean-style bow. I was incredibly happy to play, but alas, all the bows were for right-handed archers (and I am a left-handed archer). Hilarity ensued as I attempted to shoot right-handed bows with my left hand!

The beautiful Korean-style bow was created with no arrow-rest, and so it could be used by either righty or lefty (see images here). I had the most accurate aim with that bow, and so I picked up a wooden arrow, nocked it, drew back, and released "off the hand".

I hit the target, but not without gouging out a chunk of skin and receiving a large splinter!

The splinter was the size of the entire cut! Ack!
Thankfully, it didn't bleed too much, but I could not figure out why I received such a bad wound! I had worked with Artemis the previous Monday (at the Baltimore Bowmen 3-D shoot), and wondered if it was because I had not "invited" her to the current ritual (I had hoped to work with both Freya and Lugh, but maybe she felt excluded??). She kept mum, and the night progressed.

Upon returning home, and unpacking my purse (with all of my Spiritual Jewelry), I realized that I had worn numerous sacred necklaces, but left hers hanging in my Healing Room! No wonder she was upset with me-- I didn't even realize it until I went to put my sacred necklaces back! Ha!

How have Spirits gotten your attention when you've forgotten something important??


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