Next Healing Crystal Ceremony

On September 7th (a little over a week from now), myself and Caroline Kenner will be presenting the next Crystal Healing Ceremony in Ashton, Maryland.

The topic for this ceremony is Psychic Protection and Healing.

Psychic protection has many uses in ritual context, but I'd like to discusses its uses in everyday, practical life. Protection is needed to help one maintain boundaries at work, home life, social gatherings, etc. Psychic attack can come in many forms, both aggressive, passive-aggressive, and unintentional.
  • Aggressive-- this type of psychic attack comes from nasty coworkers, angry partners during arguments, etc. A person who uses this type of attack is specifically trying to hurt another by his/her words, actions, or games.
  • Passive-Aggressive-- this type of psychic attack is a bit more subtle, but quite nasty. People fall under this attack when they are the subject of gossip at school/work, unclear demands from others, or being near persons with terrible boundaries (yelling and screaming one minute, and then all happy smiles and jokes the next).
  • Unintentional-- this type of attack is quite tricky, and has to do with thought-forms.*  Sometimes, a person can be under a type of psychic attack if others do not understand him/her, and so the "idea" and "perception" and "stereotype" about another person is so strong that it prevents people from seeing who s/he really is. An example of this is when families, who have not seen members in many months/years, treat them by the same negative impressions of who they were as children, and not who they are now as adults.
With all that we have to do to maintain our place in American society, we are under constant pressure to maintain our own boundaries of who we are, even if we aren't under constant psychic attack.

One of the greatest stones that can assist with this is Nuummite.
Nuummite Stone
Nuummite's greatest healing property is that it can act like an auric shield, to protect oneself from his/her environment and to help maintain the boundaries of one's own energy. I use this stone in each Healing Appointment, and it always features heavily at each Grand Healing Ceremony.

What are your favorite protection stones?

*Thought Forms: a descriptive characteristic used in magickal/spiritual circles, to denote the presence of energies that build up over time (due to the constant presence of humanity's thoughts and feelings about an object or idea). For example, the thought-form/energy surrounding a doctor's office should be one of healing and comfort and reduction of pain. For more information, please read Ivo's book, Spirit Speak.


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