Offerings of BACON

Last week, Caroline and I worked together to perform a Healing Ceremony for the local Baltimore area, hosted by the wonderful Druids at Cedar Light Grove, ADF.

After packing up Caroline's car, we began the drive to Baltimore City. Driving through both DC and Baltimore traffic, on a Friday, before a gorgeous beach weekend... needless to say, we were quite bushed when we arrived. We guzzled lots of water, and the air-conditioning felt marvelous. Of course, as we unpacked the stones and crystal, our energy levels returned, and we were ready to Work.

The ceremony lasted about 2 1/2 hours (or 3; not sure, as time gets wonky in Spiritual Headspace). At the end, both Caroline and I were Starving (lots of energy expenditure in Healing Ceremonies, and I don't just mean drumming, rattling, singing, and dancing)! We both work with many predator-type Spirits, and a combination of protein & fat (usually in the form of meat) is the immediate craving we share.

Upon running to the Kitchen, I see the most beautiful sight:

BACON! Bacon everywhere! So much salty deliciousness! I yipped and howled in Joy, and scarfed down two pieces immediately. Once my tummy started to relax, I carried many pieces to Caroline. We were silent as we inhaled the aroma and savored each crunch....aaaahhhhhhhhh.

Both Caroline and I (and our many Spirits) were very thankful for that glorious offering, and it helped us power through the long drive back to southern Maryland.

Hail the Mighty Druids and their Offerings!


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