Returning a Soul's "Much-ness"

I had the wonderful delight of working with a dear friend for healing and Soul Retrieval the other evening, and I discovered that the Spirits can sometimes use gaming references, fictional characters, and movie lines to get their point across!

One of the most interesting philosophies about Soul Retrieval is that sometimes, a Soul can "hang out" with other Souls in the Otherworld, and miss its chance to be born into a new body.

The cartoon-like image that popped into my head for this was a Soul drinking with Soul-Friends at a Lounge-y Type bar, and checking its watch and thinking, "Oh damn, I'm late!" It flies through the air to make it to hospital, just in time to watch the birth of a new baby, and "missing its chance" by mere seconds (sort of like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland). <-- This is not to imply that the baby is born without a Soul, it just is missing an additional "layer" that had made the agreement to be born into a certain lifetime. Us humans are comprised of numerous layers of Soul, that have all lived numerous lifetimes!

As I told my friend this story, we giggled, and compared it with some of the interesting facts about my friend's own birth.

Upon returning this Soul Essence to her, she described feeling a weird sensation of being "full" and "filled up." I asked the Soul layer about the gifts that it was retuning to her, and it replied, "I am bringing back more of her much-ness!" (Another Alice in Wonderland reference, yes!)

This particular Soul layer had been waiting to rejoin her whole life, and the connection that I saw in my brain was complete and immeditate. By receiving more of "herself" into herself, she know had more RAM and room available for "spiritual software upgrades."

It was beautiful, joyful, and a bit silly, and I am so happy that the Spirits helped with this! 


  1. Every time i read about one of your healings i realize just how much i still don't know about shamanic healing. Clearly when i finish my yoga therapist training next year i will be looking into the local shamanic school for more education. The workshops i attended previously were all about shamanic energy healing as taught by Rosalyn Bruyere, but didn't really go much into journeying and other aspects of shamanism. It was a blend of Tibetan Bon Po and Native American techniques for healing.....great stuff in and of itself!


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