26 September, 2014

Fun with Hugin and Munin at the DC Zoo

Last weekend, I visited the Smithsonian Zoo when DC Pagan Pride Day ended. I was parked in a good spot at Dupont Circle, and took the opportunity to visit some Nature Spirits in the flesh.

Sadly, there are no Coyotes in the zoo (cause they are everywhere else!), but I did enjoy talking with the bear, big cats, maned wolf, snakes, flamingos, owls, etc.  One of my favorite areas I visited was the Giant Bird Aviary, because it had no walls or fences (once you are in the enclosure). There were numerous ducks and peacocks, as well as ibises (hello Thoth!), and I enjoyed walking up the path and seeing cute little grouse run ahead of me.

I've been to this particular area of the zoo numerous times, and had my favorites that I liked to visit. I rounded the corner of the sidewalk and heard "Cro--ak"-- I was stunned and stopped moving. Was it a crow that flew in for some free food? Was it a real noise, or just inside my head?


Oh my gods, RAVENS!

I have never seen or heard a Raven in real life, ever. I immediately almost burst into tears, and scooted up as close to it as I could.


Now the tears flowed, because there were two of them:

I stood there, transfixed, for over 20 minutes--cooing and croaking at them both, watching their behavior, laughing as they teased the other birds, cheering as they caught mice.

Ravens are very important to Odin, as they are his Thought and Memory made manifest for Shamanic Journeying and Magic. I have worked with Odin for many years, and honored our relationship with my own version of Hugin & Munin back in 2010:

Odin's great Ravens as shoulder tattoos
The sight of these two huge birds at the zoo opened my heart and mind in a big way, and I feel Them clench Their spiritual claws on my shoulders every now and then, warning me to Pay Attention.

Although I know that there are contrasting view surrounding the necessity of zoos, on that day I was very thankful to have seen a great Nature Spirit in physical form.

What Nature Spirits do you like to communicate with at zoos, parks, etc??

16 September, 2014

Healing the Macrocosm via the Microcosm (a Shamanic Prayer to DC)

Recently, I was in DC for a shamanic healing appointment. After completing the ceremony, and scarfing down food and drink, I walked the city, and ended up at the White House.

the White House, home of the President
I sat on a bench, and watched all of the people walking by. Of course, I couldn't help but think about the terrible state our American government is in, and how badly the People of the USA are in need of healing and support.

I was inspired to pray.

I prayed as I walked around the Oval, asking that Washington DC serve as representative for the entire United States. I asked that the great Goddess Columbia hear my prayers, and that the Spirits of the buildings and monuments hear me, too. And although I could have prayed for the healing of the environment, the increase of brain cells for our Legislative body, the reduction of War, or many other needed things, I am a psychologist and a shaman. I prayed for her People, and their mental health.

As I finished my prayers and offerings, I ended up at the Sacred Christmas Tree. I asked the Spirit of this Tree to hold my prayers. I used the microcosm of DC as a model to help empower the macrocosm of the United States as a whole.

The Washington Monument, as a sacred obelisk, is a wonderful Spirit!
I love this country, and I love her people, and I love working with them for healing and empowerment. I pray that all of our work continues, ripples out, and helps (even a little bit) all that are in need.

I will be at the DC Pagan Pride Day this coming Sunday (21st)-- I would love to see you there!

08 September, 2014

An Enraged Heart Chakra

The most recent Crystal Healing Ceremony was very intense.

Crystals for Psychic Protection
 Caroline and I used many volcanic minerals, such as Sulphur, Obsidian, Pumice, Granite, and others. These, along with other stones, woods, and animal skins, helped us to create a vortex that worked like a volcano. Blockages and intrusions would get sucked in and either go up into the sky via "volcano-like" explosions, or they would get sucked down into the Earth via an "inverted" volcano. It was really cool to watch!

The hero of many of my healings was Vesuvianite, a rock found near Mt. Vesuvius in Italy.

Vesuvianite on Olive wood
This volcanic stone resonates with the Heart Chakra, and helps to release, in a powerful way, pent-up feelings of rage, fear, anxiety, anger, and disappointment. I noticed that it helped many clients, especially women, bring forth and release powerful emotions that either they themselves have clamped down (in order to protect others), or that they may have been blocked from expressing (because others may not be able to handle it). It gives Psychic Protection in an interesting way, by releasing projections put onto the client by others, and allowing the truest Self to come forth (even if that Self is full of anger and rage).

It affects many people differently: some release their anger and tension via laughter, some with tears of frustration. A few feel like a weight has been lifted that they did not know they had, and one even felt like s/he was full of indigestion (that resolves itself in a day).

This stone is a great reminder that not all Healing is peaceful and easy-- sometimes, a primal Scream has to come forth from the depths of the Heart, in order to be finally released and for integration to begin.