An Enraged Heart Chakra

The most recent Crystal Healing Ceremony was very intense.

Crystals for Psychic Protection
 Caroline and I used many volcanic minerals, such as Sulphur, Obsidian, Pumice, Granite, and others. These, along with other stones, woods, and animal skins, helped us to create a vortex that worked like a volcano. Blockages and intrusions would get sucked in and either go up into the sky via "volcano-like" explosions, or they would get sucked down into the Earth via an "inverted" volcano. It was really cool to watch!

The hero of many of my healings was Vesuvianite, a rock found near Mt. Vesuvius in Italy.

Vesuvianite on Olive wood
This volcanic stone resonates with the Heart Chakra, and helps to release, in a powerful way, pent-up feelings of rage, fear, anxiety, anger, and disappointment. I noticed that it helped many clients, especially women, bring forth and release powerful emotions that either they themselves have clamped down (in order to protect others), or that they may have been blocked from expressing (because others may not be able to handle it). It gives Psychic Protection in an interesting way, by releasing projections put onto the client by others, and allowing the truest Self to come forth (even if that Self is full of anger and rage).

It affects many people differently: some release their anger and tension via laughter, some with tears of frustration. A few feel like a weight has been lifted that they did not know they had, and one even felt like s/he was full of indigestion (that resolves itself in a day).

This stone is a great reminder that not all Healing is peaceful and easy-- sometimes, a primal Scream has to come forth from the depths of the Heart, in order to be finally released and for integration to begin.


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