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Quick update from Sedona

Happy Halloween! I've been here since Monday, and am loving every minute! Raven was the first to greet me. In my jet-lagged state, I heard a croak outside my bathroom. He was staring right at me, head cocked to the side, begging me to get out of bed and play!  We only talked for a bit, but He's greeted me every morning, and has been with me at every sacred place I've visited. Coyote laughed and yipped the first night, during my stargazing, but his physical brethren have been super sneaky. The only coyote I've seen is a dead one one the side of the road (of course, I teared up a bit and rolled my eyes). He's got two more days to make contact... although He has been in each of my daily Journeys. The views are spectacular and expansive,  and my Energy Bodies have adapted to the extra space out here. A few quick photos before a full update (when I return to Maryland):

Visiting the Desert for the Pagan Holidays (and Coyote, too)

In less than 8 hours, I will be on a plane to Arizona, for a week-long vacation.

I have traveled to many different ecosystems in the past 10-12 years (tropical, rainy/British, windy tundra, forest, mountains, beaches, oceans, rivers, creeks, etc.), but I have never been to a true desert.

 I have packed my rattle and some offerings in between my clothes (too full a suitcase!), and I am so ecstatic that I can't sleep. I want to hike every day, see the southern tip of the Grand Canyon, visit different museums, sit under a clear night sky full of the stars and Milky Way, dance in the Halloween/Samhain/Dia de los Muertos parades.

And I want to hear coyotes howl.

I have worked with Coyote for many years. He began as a silent totem-like animal guide on Journeys (back in 2002) and evolved into a wonderfully sarcastic human-coyote shape-changer (with whom I enjoy many hilarious conversations).

But I have never seen a coyote in real life, a constant joke from the Old Man himself.

We'll …

Healing the Soul during Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde, a phrase that can cause increased anxiety and fear in a wide variety of people.

Miscommunication, bad travels, accidents, difficulty with electronics-- all of it within the domain of Mercury himself, and all of it turning a bit "screwy" when he goes "on vacation" or "to the Underworld (he is a Psychopomp after all)."

However, I've learned that the above-mentioned mishaps don't last too long, and certainly not the entire 3-week duration of His Retrograde phase. After about 3-4 days, things begin to settle down, and Mercury (and other Spirits) are able to help humans with "Re-Writing" and "Re-Editing" different life experiences, energetic connections, PTSD, karmic links, etc.

I've had some interesting and powerful healing appointments with clients during this time. Traumatic life experiences have been better healed, painful ties to past relationships have been remediated, and enmeshed Souls have been given…

Creating a Rattle during the Full Moon Eclipse

What an intense few weeks so far! Mercury went Retrograde (see future post), the Full Moon involved a spectacular eclipse, and the veils between Worlds have felt much thinner (as we approach Samhain).

Since becoming a shaman Full Time (although when is it not full time? Spirits are always on and communicating), I have wanted to create a new rattle to honor my professional work and relationships with Spirits. I made my first rattle back in 2010, to coincide with the beginning of my education. It is very powerful, very loud, and moves a lot of energy very quickly. It has been used in years of Journeywork, individual and group Healings, and many House Clearings.

During the past 4+ years, some of the corn has exploded, and bits and bobs keep falling out during particularly intense ceremonies. It has a desire to "retire" and only "come out" for special occassions-- ha ha!

I began working on a new rattle during the New Moon on September 24th. I gathered materials, looked…

Picture of Crystal Healing Grid-- Crystals to Promote Physical Healing

The healing ceremony on Sunday was fantastic, and very healing for both clients and shamanic practitioners!

Caroline and I focused on Physical Healing (see previous post ), and many clients found pain relief and blockage removal.

Here is an image of our glorious Healing Crystal Grid:

Note the Coyote Pelts on both sides! Aaaaaoooooooooo!

There are only Two more Crystal Healing Ceremonies left for this year, and they focus on healing Lineages/Psychopomp and healing Broken Hearts.

Please email me your interest, as we are limited to 25 clients for each ceremony!

Crystal Healing Ceremony for Physical Healing

On Sunday, the next crystal healing ceremony will be presented in our series: Physical Healing.

Although much of my training has been in mental and emotional health, I grew up in a family of nurses, and this informal education has really helped me pinpoint different things during healing appointments with clients.

Physical healing is the most immediate form of healing relief that can come after a shamanic healing ceremony. It forms the basis for pain relief and removal of physical blockages, so that the shaman and her Spirits can begin to work on the emotional/spiritual levels.

Many numerous stones, woods, plants, and other sacred items can help with physical healing, such as carnelian, willow, plantain/all heal, etc.  The concept of Sympathetic Magic appears to be strongest with physical healing items, if one looks at historical documents and folklore.

NOTE: The following descriptions are purely from my experiences in Trance, and should NOT REPLACE allopathic medicine. Please see my …